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Research Appreciation and Methodology

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Critically apply a sound knowledge base of evidence and research paradigms to professional nursing practice. Evaluate and critically reflect upon the impact and application of policy and  apply to evidence based nursing practice. Demonstrate a critical and analytical understanding of ethical frameworks required for research within professional nursing practice. Critically discuss and apply a variety of research. methodologies […]


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Right from the beginning of the semester, I could observe that my writing skills could be rated as average as I have a good sense of making use of good English in my writings. I had a clear understanding of the fact that no matter how good I might be in other academic fields, having […]

Personal Development Review

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The personal development statement presented here is intended to describe my inclinations toward ensuring appropriate development of areas in management and leadership that are observed to be insufficient in my existing skillset. The objective of personal development is not only directed toward enhancing the knowledge of theoretical aspects but also directed toward anticipating a holistic […]

Global Brand Management

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Introduction Branding is the strategy of marketing that is used by various business organizations and companies for differentiating all the products in their product line from similar products from the competitors. It is very crucial for the business organization that happens to lack any kind of promotional resources from leading competitors (Anwar, et al., 2011). […]


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Executive Summary –  In this case, study helps to find the objectives needed to achieve the goals in term of increasing the productivity of Maine Bank. The research data and information of Australia Maine Bank reveals that there needs some modification of technology development in order to succeed the profits in their business segment. There […]


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Introduction: The inferences stated in the context of organizational management research activities are inclined towards understanding the diversity and complexity perceived in organizational culture and climate. While there have been substantial debates regarding the definition of culture and climate in an organization, it is imperative to consider specific insights related to the impact of organizational […]

Relationship between Work and Non- Work

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Introduction: The present level of competitiveness in the business world is reflective of the concerns for maintaining an appropriate interface between professional and family life. Employees should maintain a coherent relationship between professional and personal aspects of their life to accomplish the proper balance between work-family and family-work should be supported by the motivation, productivity, […]