Target priority population

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The person belongs to the group of older Australians and it can be regarded as a target priority population. 

Why the person may be identified as being a priority population

The person is facing a number of issues and many Australians belonging to this population have chances to face such issues. It is a fact that the population is ageing rapidly (Demirtas & Basak, 2021). With age, the immunity power of a person can be decreased. Apart from that, aged ones might be unable to manage themselves in an effective manner. Hence, they have higher chances to face several health issues and mental issues and this is the reason why the person is required to be identified as the target priority population. By considering the health-related complexities and lifestyle-related issues of the person, it is possible to understand what kind of issues people belonging to the age group can face. 

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Effect this may have on her chronic condition self-management 

If the person would be considered as the target population, then adequate steps for bringing an improvement to the health of the person would be adopted. Apart from that, by considering objective 3 of the National Strategic Framework for chronic conditions, it has been possible to understand that action and empowerment is an important process related to the strategic priority area. If the person would be identified as being a priority population, then adequate steps for controlling the action of the patient as per the situational requirements would be taken and adequate steps for the health-related empowerment of the person would also be taken. It would bring an improvement to the health status of the person. By considering the concerned framework, it has been possible to understand that priority populations have a lower risk of developing chronic conditions. The person has a chronic disease and if the person would be founded out as being a target population, then the risk for the person to face the severity of the concerned disease will be reduced.

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Apart from that, it is a fact that priority populations have fewer complications, multi-morbidities, and disabilities with chronic conditions. Proper self-management plays a vital role in this regard. If the person would be considered as being a priority population, then she is also expected to face fewer complications and these are the positive outcomes of considering the person as being a part of the target priority population and all of these factors would improve the self-management process of the person. Proper empowerment is expected to help the patient in regard to the self-management process. 

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