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Design and Research – A Workbased Project


The aim of this project is to enable you to apply important concepts from the course to an example of business practice, and to practice your case analysis and report writing skills. The project will help you improve your skills in project management, team dynamics, research, communication, ethical analysis and report writing. Approach to the assignment You will need to form project teams of 3-4 students (wherever workshop numbers allow). All team members must be in the same SDW and, as far as possible, from diverse backgrounds. With your facilitator's help, you should finalise membership of project teams during the SDW in Week 4. Your team will write a ‘case study report’ that analyses the assigned case study using appropriate concepts and theories from the course in addition to other theories that are appropriate for the issue(s) identified in the case. Teams will also be required to undertake additional research about the company. Our experience is that group work is mostly a very positive experience, particularly where groups have sufficient time and mutually agreed goals. You will have six weeks to work together on this assignment. While some of the SDWs will provide opportunities to work on the assignment, you will need to work on the group project both individually and together as a group outside of class time. Your team is to work together on planning, researching, analysing, developing, writing, proofreading and editing your report ready for submission. You are also jointly responsible for allocating relevant tasks including research, logistical and organisational duties. All team members should have a similar level of involvement in the research process and in the organization and writing of team reports. The teaching team expects each student to fulfil their team  commitments. In cases where this does not occur, the remaining team members may request a reduced (or higher) grade for the assignment for the non-contributing (or especially hardworking) team member. This information provided in the Self and Peer Evaluation Process will be taken as part of the evidence required for an adjustment on
final marks. In the very rare cases where there are severe problems with teamwork, particularly where this involves the failure of a team member to carry out their responsibilities, then aggrieved team members should, at the first instance, see their SDW facilitator. Where this is, for any reason, difficult, you should contact the Lecturer in Charge. It is best, in 9 CRICOS Code 00098G 17 July 2017 these circumstances, to collect and provide documentary evidence such as emails or diary notes of commitments not fulfilled. The Lecturer In Charge will be taking a very tough line with any student judged to have largely failed to fulfil their commitments to their team,
unless we receive a timely, reasonable and documented excuse (medical or compassionate). Case Study details: The case study and background conceptual readings will be available via the course Moodle site.

Reference requirements:

Your group must source and demonstrate the use of a minimum of four (4) additional academic articles in addition to the course textbook, weekly extension readings and background conceptual readings for this assignment.

Four academic articles must be source from the following list of journals:

Academy of Management Journal Academy of Management Learning and Education Academy of Management Perspectives Academy of Management Review Business Communication Quarterly Business Horizons Cross Cultural Management Employee Relations Group & Organization Management Journal of Business Communication Journal of Management Education Journal of Management Information Systems Organization Science Organizational Dynamics

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