Terms of Use

Order Placing and Registration

A customer can place the order by completing the Order form provided within the application. There is no other way available to make an order. It is advised for the client to provide perfect detail in desired order at each section while filling out the form.

At the same time filling forms for products, a client is asked to get registered by providing the contact details like name, email, nation, telephone number, etc. Again, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to update these details of their profile for any kind of change.

It is allowed to create only one profile for one user. One can put orders, connect, and trade with the company using the same profile you made.

Payment and Discounts

Once placed an order means that you agree to buy the product. The company goes for processing only after the payment is made. No delivery is made until the payment is completely delivered. One can place the orders through Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Wire Transfer, or Credits on personal balance.

The company holds sole rights to make decisions regarding the discounts. Discounts are not offered once the codes are not provided in desired section of the form.

Account Balance:

In those cases where the needs of part or full repayment appear, you can go either as per the Money Back Guarantee Policy, or can transfer funds to Credits in your own account.

Credit is equal to one dollar and that is kept in your personal account without any kind of constraint for expiry date. The total amount of Credits you keep may be used to move with your payment for your future orders with the company.

Your funds are delivered to Credits at your own wish and explicitly with your assurance. Once the funds are transferred, the amount you keep in Credit cannot be refunded. It may be only used for the upcoming orders.

Order Process

Order authorization:

The company holds right to reassess the order detail post payment to assure that the requirements and the scope of the works mentioned in the order match properly. In those cases where the mismatch appears, Customer Support team holds the right to change the order to ensure the complete match of the requirement occurs of the customer.

Changes in orders:

The Customer and Support may bring changes in the scope of the work only if the writer has not started the working process. No change can be made once the writer has initiated the research process for the orders. In case of any further addition, the client has to pay extra amounts.


The customer can always communicate with the writer through our messaging system through our customer support team through any means of communication available.

Progress Checking:

A customer may keep check the order progress through his/her account, where details about his/her order is provided. A customer can connect with support team for enquiring about this as well.

Order Delivery

We are responsible to meet the deadline for the deliveries.

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the address he/she has provided for delivery is perfectly ready. We are not going to be responsible for any kind of mistakes in delivery address, or even about the spam filters, or anything internet or technical issues.

Reviewing the orders:

Sample amendments are offered to the customers by the company to make sure about the quality of the products provided for best satisfaction. For a free revision of the product, the customer has to submit the revision request in written form through Company’s email or message platform within fourteen days post order deliver date, and not after 30 days of the order delivery date for any kind of project. However, a customer may go for paid editing once the revision deadline is missed.

The company’s quality assurance department holds authorization to reject any revision request or any additional changes.

Refund Policy

We hold sole responsibility to deliver the assignment within promised time frame. In case of any delay occurs for delivery, the customer is paid back as per the company’s Money Back policy.

Regarding the Product’s usage:

While making an order, you agree that the order is for personal usage only; not for any commercial reuse. And, the payment in advance is made for the efforts put to carry out the research as per the order.

A customer can’t reproduce, make changes, deliver or showcase the product in any form over the World Wide Web or in the form of hard copy over a certain constraint required for personal usage. Writers who work for us deliver the complete authorization of the products to the company that holds the complete copyright of the products we provide. The entire product is delivered completely as a sample of information put, reference, or as a sample on the methods of conducting academic writing. All Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights stay with the company.


We are very much concerned about the privacy of the customers. We assure that their information is not going to be shared with anyone or for any commercial purpose. For best data protection, we carry out the transactions through secure online system. Still, the company can’t be made responsible if any information gets disclosed that is beyond the company’s control. Anyway, for any kind of privacy related issues, the customers are welcomed to enquire through our customer support department.

Warranty Disclaimer:

We don’t provide any kind of warranty or representations or any of the material published. We also don’t claim that our service will be flawless forever. It is the customer’s duty to assess the accuracy, effectiveness of data, testimonies, etc provided in relation with our company or regarding the service we offer.

Extent of Liability:

By accepting the above terms and conditions of this agreement, you agree to release and not make responsible the company, its employees, clients, promoters, management, affiliates, advertisers, agents, and legal bodies for any kind of losses, complaints, or any issue arising regarding the product

The customer understands that the company can bring changes in its Terms and Conditions set by the agreements. Hence, it is advised for them to consistently stay updated about such changes.