The Best Structure and Ways of writing a short Essay

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In this article, we are going to study what is an essay? The different types of essays and the major components of a short essay and finally the tips to write an excellent Essay. Many people doubt in their mind how he can start to write an essay. The structure of an essay is similar irrespective of the type of essay. So, how is it different? 

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The below section might help you to come up with the solution: –

what is a short essay?

The essay is a written piece that is a map to present an idea, submit an argument, show the emotion or commence on the debate. Generally, an essay falls somewhere around 1500 to 3000 words, this provides the writer to present the details of their ideas as writers have enough words to present their ideas. But in a short essay, you will ask to present all the ideas and wrap all the ideas in within 200 to 500 words. You need to provide all the relevant information along with your views within the limited words. The below section might help you to understand the structure of the essay.

Types of Essays:
There are many different types of an essay but some of them are:
• Expository
• Argumentative
• Persuasive
• Descriptive
• Narrative
And many more …

Major Components of Short Essay:
Any essay is divided into main four components: –
• Introduction
• Thesis
• Body
• Conclusion

Introduction: –

You are already familiar with the term introduction if you have tried to write an essay in an academic carrier.
In the Introduction part generally, we tried to make the reader aware that what steps we are going to write the essay.
It must contain an attention recognition or try to make the essay very interesting or you can begin with some quotes.

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Provides the reader with a roadmap of the essay in logical order.


In the thesis section, you try to sum up the main points of your essay that you want to present. It generally comes at the end of your introduction section.
The thesis section will look different depending on the type of essay you’re writing and the topic has you selected. But the thesis statement should always distinctly state the main idea you want to get. Everything in your essay should unite back to this idea. You can start thesis statements with a question or some quote. And try to provide the answer details by wrapping up the words. Also, you try to mention why this is your answer and try to convince the readers to agree with your answer.
It is one of the unique features of a short essay and makes it different from any other essay.


An Excellent body of an essay mainly contains three main sections: topic sentence, relevant supporting sentences to the topic, and closing sentences. This section basically focussed on the main idea, research, and your view on that specific topic, providing clear and concise information. You must be careful and build a link between the thesis and the body. Your grades will depend on how well you have presented or linked this section with the thesis section.

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For some students, it is the most challenging part of essay writing, they find it difficult in choosing a good topic in which they can sum all the points.
It is the last paragraph of your essay. Summarizing its thesis and body section. It helps the reader to why your essay should matter to them. This section should all of your arguments and points. You should summarise the main arguments and points in simplified manners. It is the end of the discussion and gives an overview of what you have written in that essay.

Tips for successful writing essay:

Writing a short essay can be tough in general. There are different rules about how to create a great imagination story for everyone and how to write a short essay. The following are the tips that will help you to write the essay perfectly and boost your skills to write a short essay:
• Choose a comfortable topic that you are interested in.
• Research well
• You should know the target audience
• Frame an outline
• You should avoid distraction.
• Use online editing /proofreading services.

Choose a comfortable topic:

Choosing a comfortable topic is key to creating an interesting, thoughtful essay that all readers will enjoy. You should try to choose the topic based on the knowledge of a particular topic or tend to have some knowledge of a particular topic. Generally, in order to impress the teacher or instructor, we try to choose a complicated topic. It may help, but you will not score well. You can take the topic according to your passion, it will bring you a better result than choosing some other complicated topic. So, it is recommended to choose a topic that you’re interested in.

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Research well:
Anything depends on how well you present your point of view and provide relevant information. A short essay involves writing the essay by wrapping and providing all information in some of the words. So, you have to research well so that you can provide all information by summing up that all.

You should know the target audience:
You should know who is your audience. It will depend on the task, so make sure you recognize people who are going to read such an essay before starting to write.

Frame an outline:
Before writing the essay make sure that what you are going to write, make an outline of all. So, it can help you in writing the points without any confusion so that you can easily and correctly present your view on the essay.

You should avoid distraction:

People generally try to write an essay by doing something else like watching TV, this might not help you in concentrating on the particular topic. So, try to avoid those habits.

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Use online editing /proofreading services
Students are often sure that their short essay writing is perfect, but they are still likely to make some mistakes. So, in order to avoid mistakes, we recheck the copy before submitting it.

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