The Future of Airlines and Air-travel Post Pandemic

Posted on March 9, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Coronavirus pandemic has had a great effect in very many sectors in the entire world resulting in many industries and activities in these sectors coming to a standstill. In the transport sector, there are very many restrictions that have been put in place and at some point, there has been a travel ban, especially in the airline industry. These restrictions have led to a great impact on the travel and aviation industry. Based on the analysis by then by the International Civil Aviation Organization there is a probability of the airline business recovering at a very slow rate due to the uncertainty of the possible increased Impact on the industry (ICAO, par3). By April 2020, the capacity for airlines reduced by almost seventy to eighty percent when compared to 2019 and quite a number of them stopped the operations. A report by McKinsey shows that sixty percent of the global airlines were stopped as a result of following preventive measures following COVID 19 (Curley et al. par5). There is a need for the government to take an initiative that will help the airline and the air travel which is in the midst of falling in capacities and revenues. The government is supposed to give some funding to the industry so that they can be able to continue on their operations and not fall out of the industry. In addition, the issue of the future of the airline and the air-travel industry needs to be addressed based on the sources that will be able to generate revenue, strategies that will be able to help in controlling costs and putting measures in place that will support innovations basing on the demand and capacity during the period of the pandemic. 

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The airline line industry is recognized as one of the sectors or rather industries that have always contributed to the growth of the economy worldwide. Research shows that the outbreak of Coronavirus is one of the health conditions that has contributed to affecting the growth of the GDP which is expected to give negative results by the end of the year 2020 B (ILO, 21-27). There are more than sixty-five million jobs that are supported within the airline and the airport industry. These jobs range from the direct ones like the aircrew and the indirect ones such as the suppliers of fuel and the construction industry which are indirect. Also, some of the jobs that relate to the air industry are in conjunction with the tourism sector which proves that the air industry is a very vital player in the economy of the entire world. The industry has been forced by the crisis to ensure that they adapt to the situation. There has been a decrease in demand by the passengers resulting in the aircraft being grounded. The airlines are trying so hard so that they can be able to find alternatives fast and measures that will help the survivors in the midst of the crisis. 

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The outbreak of coronavirus has outbreak has been so sudden and violent beyond everybody’s expectation. It has not only called for urgent measures for the airport but also all the stakeholders in the travel industry to ensure safe operations on the airport. They have never experienced such a thing and they need to find the solutions very fast so that they may not go down with the virus. The main reason for crying out this research is to help identify all the possible problems and issues and find the appropriate solutions for the problem. The determination of whether the pandemic has great impacts on the industry and how the passengers will be asked to pay for extra transportation costs will be based on whether the industry should give up on flying during the current situation or the impacts of a situation in the mind of an individual and the things that can completely destroy the airliners that do not have pilots.

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The main reason for the demand for air travel has been contributed greatly by public policy. Different governments decided to put policies and measures in place so they could be able to ensure that they promote health in a country. Some of the measures included restricting entries from different nations or major cities (Nunes, par5). There are some countries like South Africa and Malaysia that stopped issuing out visas to people who wanted to visit them. Other countries were giving out free- visas for people who wanted to visit them like the United States of America. this policy did not only kill the dream of many people who had dreams but also affected the airlines since they were forced to stop providing their services. This is because there is no way planes will be flown without people in them. The airline industry started having hopes when some of the countries started considering opening their boundaries for tourists from other nations. There are proper policies that will be put in place to ensure that as much as the economy of the nation is employed, they will still work on ensuring the safety of the people that will be able to visit them. Ensuring that the policies are followed is not a bad thing (Harrell, par7). However, the question that needs to be answered is how will the said policy enhance long term recovery.  The best solution for this issue is to enhance the development of a vaccine. A vaccine will give people relief since they know that vaccine always strengthens the natural defence of the body against a given virus which will lower the risks of infection and transmission.

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A report written by the BBC on the future of the airlines suggested that the costs for tickets are likely to drop if due to the fact that the demand has also dropped. For instance, the number of plane passengers was at 97% down. This would make the quest of selling cheap tickets to be very easier. However, this fact can never be true the whole story, as much as the fare is influenced by the demand for travel by the customers it is also influenced by the total number of global sets that are present in the global market. Since most of the planes that carry passengers are not operating anymore, seats available for travel are very limited giving the air lands an upper hand when it comes to the determination of charges for the tickets (Nunes, par14). Also, there might be an increase in the air-travel cost due to airline companies going bankrupt.  Bankruptcy will be able to reduce the competition leading to the rise in prices. These costs will be increased so that they can maintain themselves in the market. Without doing so they might end up being thrown out of the industry (CAPA, par4). Maintaining an airline is very costly, ranging from buying and maintaining planes, insurances, fuels, and taxes and the best way to generate the costs is through the customers. The best solution for the issue is developing a working budget. This budget will help them in their planning so that whenever they are faced with such a huge challenge like the COVID 19 they can manoeuvre in very well. 

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There should be an acceleration of the of implementing the next generation. The federal aviation administration started to put aside systems that were out of date and they had extra costs to the airline. The new generation system will be able to use satellites to navigate which will allow that planes to move to their expected destination without so many stopovers. This will be able to save travel time and save costs such as fuel costs. It will also help reduce congestion in the airport since planes will be taking off and landing almost at the same time. There are challenges that are most likely to come with the implementation (Barger and Brandon, 1). The transition schedule can be delayed leading to overspending in the budget. The time that the project will be completed is still unclear. The main reason for the delay can be due to unavailable skills that are required for the new project or lack of enough funds. The government need to understand that they do not need to shoulder all the burden on themselves. They should look for people with whom they could partner and work together for the implementation and successful completion of the whole issue. When the private investors are allowed to be part of the investments given the right incentives and the flexibility of designing and constructing the system, they could do it very fast and in a manner that is less expensive and less time-consuming. 

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 There have been many changes in in-flight travel in recent times compared to the previous years. apart from being given a gift as a motivation to the people after a long period of lockdown. Experts state that in the future there will be lots of new experiences in the airline industry (Snow, par2). There were some implementations on technology in the industry but with the urgency of medical solutions during COVID 19 the process needs to be enhanced very fast. The new technologies will be able to bring lots of changes in the airline industry. There are robots that are used to clean things, these robots are used to disinfect things in both the airport and in the plane. They contain UVC in their frontal lines. They can use the harnesses of the light to be able to fight the virus. These things can work for at least eight hours so before they are recharged. The invention of robots has helped the industry by first reducing the number of staff in the airport and also helping the industry save on the hiring cost. the second technology that will bring changes in the industry is the use of technology for the verification of travellers.  

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There will be no need to use physical passports. People face will be the means for their verification. The face will be scanned with a biometric device that will give all the details about that specific traveller. As much as this information will make travellers safe, it will also be a threat to the safety and security of individuals’ data (Aerospace, par6). There should be some restrictions that will be able to restrict some information that is not needed in the industry. Also, there will be no physical contact during the screenings in the airports. The handheld thermometer will not be used anymore. The airline industry is opting out of this system of physical testing. They are instead using a new technology where they will be using thermal-screening cameras that will be able to determine the temperature that will be able to detect the amount of temperature that has been released with the body. this has given the passengers a sense of security and they are also confident while travelling. The only disadvantage of this method is that the patients who are asymptomatic may be left out. The best method to be used should be the symptom sense (Matyáš and Říha, 229). These instruments can help airlines grasp a better idea of individual health status than just reading their temperatures.

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With all the issues that the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has brought about in many sectors in the entire world including financial and safety for both the workers and travellers in the airlne and the air-travel, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. The airline and the air-travel industry has been given a chance to use the opportunities that they have currently to create an environment that is more resilient and vibrant for both the passengers and the staff. As much as each revolutionary strategy have some disadvantages there are so many advantages that cannot be overlooked. There are chances that the airline industry will not remain the same as it was so many years back after COVID 19.

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