The Invisible Man

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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

The visual aspect of this world that people rely on the unseen Is to enhance learning. The author Ralph Ellison has written this book that has challenged most readers since the year 1952. In this novel, African Americans’ issues about their philosophical issues during the periods of the 20th century are highlighted here. The topics addressed in this novel are the poor relationship between the whites and the blacks, racism and black nationalism, and others. 


According to the Wow Essays. (2020) The storyteller of this story gives the story while he shows up as an invisible man where he says that others have neglected to see him. It made him remain and stow away from the world. This is the place where he professes to take power and remain in progress. While he was away, that is the point at which he expounded on his imperceptibility and his life while he was underground. The storyteller in the mid-1930s was a youngster that was living in the south. He was welcome to his old neighbourhood as a decent speaker to give a gathering of white men a discourse. He was provided by the white men a briefcase that contained a college scholarship, and this was a present after the white man compelled him to fight the black men. After receiving the college scholarship, the narrator joins college, where he was given the task of driving around the campus carrying Mr Norton. On their ride, Norton discusses a person of colour named Jim True blood who impregnated his girl. After the story, the storyteller takes Norton to a brilliant day to have a beverage in a whorehouse that served individuals of colour.

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A gathering of slow-witted veteran’s battles at the bar, and they are provoked by the veterans who had tended Norton for him being so visually impaired about race relations. Reverend homer delivers a long sermon at the college, and the narrator listens to it carefully, but the address was glorifying the founder of that college. The narrator is chastised by the college president Dr Bledsoe, and he is told that he should have shown an idealized life of black life. The school president removes the storyteller, and he is given seven suggestion letters to New York to a school trustee. According to Codling R. & Cooper (2011), the narrator goes to look for a job in Harlem, but through his search, he could not find any recommendation letters that he had never helped him at all. After a long search of the jobs, the narrator goes with a recommendation letter to Mr Emerson’s office, and from here, he meets Emerson’s son, who read the notes and realized that the letters had betrayed him as dishonourable and unreliable and from here he gets a job at paints plant. The storyteller, after some time, is associated with the Brockway with joining association exercises. It caused a battle between the two where the paint tank detonated, and the storyteller was hit oblivious, and from here, he turned into the representative of the Brotherhood.  When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in the hospital where he could not speak as he had lost his memory. He also collapses in the streets after leaving the hospital. He lives with Mary after that a kind woman who saw him in the streets. The storyteller trains in the manner of speaking, and from here, he has doled out a branch where he meets Tod Clifton.

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This was ahead of the dark young people, and he sent the storyteller to Brother Hambros to empower him to learn in the Brotherhood more methodologies. The storyteller found that race relations were all the while bringing tumult in the wake of showing up in Harlem. He attempted to entice an exceptionally close lady to the Brotherhood. Yet, she had no insider facts about the association, and subsequently, she didn’t have anything to bring to the table him. The storyteller got a get back to for him to go to Harlem as Ras had presented a mob. He had an impact on the mob and set a structure ablaze. When the police officers showed up, he endeavoured to get away, however sadly, he fell into a utility opening. The police covered the utility opening, and the storyteller says that he had been living underground from that point forward, yet he is prepared to come out.

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