The U.S Housing Policy in the 21st Century

Posted on January 18, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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  1. Present status of housing policy today. 
  2. Talk of the Millenium Housing Commission- a body that was created as a result of insufficient, indecent and unaffordable housing in America (Weiss, 2009).
  3. Expound policies that have been initiated to promote homeownership, for example, the low-income rental assistance and intervention in mortgage markets (Drew, 2013).


  1. Talk of the “preservation of affordable housing” programs that were developed in the 1960s (Von Hoffman, 2016).
  2. Talk of the national homeownership trend-the national homeownership rate rose by around 4 percent between 1960 and 1980, reaching its 1980 with around 65.6 per cent in an increase (Eggers & Burke, 1996).
  3. Talk of the Clinton Administration’s economic plan resulted in improved national economic performance and an increased increase in the national homeownership rate (Weiss, 2009).

Major Findings

  1. Talk of the two critical factors behind homeownership trends; racial disparity and income inequality (Barclays, 2020)
  2. Talk about the impact of increased homeownership on the economy and incomes (Yu & Myers, 2010).
  3. There was a stagnation of the national homeownership rate under the Reagan and Bush Administrations. What was the reason for this?
  4. Talk of the importance of having the concept of homeownership as an Additive Value in national housing policy.
  5. Talk of the significance of developing a political philosophy and public policy perspective on a true “win-win” approach.


  1. U.S. tax policy should provide subsidized housing and supplement the incomes of low-income families. 
  2. Reduce the barriers to high-opportunity neighbourhoods through the prohibition of discrimination today and address the longstanding wealth gaps caused by past discrimination (Schuetz, 2018).
  3. Regulate the market to ensure that the housing supply can expand to meet the housing demand (Schuetz, 2018). For example, reducing discriminatory and regulatory barriers and providing housing financing to all Americans.


Emphasize the potential of the public policy to improve the efficiency and equity of the housing market. Offer final insights on the analysis and the recommendations.

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