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Studying abroad is the dream of every student. It helps you appreciate other cultures, learn new languages, get a better understanding of the world, and overcome the challenges of living in another country. These are the skills and traits that modern companies and businesses look for when they plan to hire candidates. Many countries such as the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc. offer to study opportunities for foreign students. In this article, we have covered a few prestigious universities in the world that have been the most desirable learning institutes in the world.

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University Of Oxford, UK
This is the oldest university in London and the second oldest surviving university throughout the world. The university is situated in Oxford’s primitive city centre. There are a total of forty-four colleges and halls. With the presence of more than a hundred libraries, this university is regarded as the largest library system throughout the UK. The University of Oxford is considered to be the most desirable university worldwide for life sciences, social sciences, the arts and humanities, and physical sciences.
It has a fabulous alumni network of more than 250,000 individuals, which comprise over 120 Olympic medallists, more than 30 modern world leaders, 26 Nobel Prize winners, and more. Several noteworthy celebrities who have received education at this university are Bill Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Oscar Wilde, Vikram Seth, Graham Greene, Philip Pullman and more.
California Institute Of Technology, US
This university is recognized globally as a science and engineering research and education institution. The campus is situated in Pasadena, California. The university provides a total of six academic divisions with a strong emphasis in the areas of science and technology, research, and teaching.
The university is known for its high research output on campus and global levels. Their admission process is highly competitive. Only the most talented students are successful in getting admission to this university. Many of the reputed personalities have studied at this university. Their alumni include scientists, noble prize winners, and more.

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University of Auckland, New Zealand
This university was founded in 1883 in Auckland, New Zealand. Spread across several campuses, the University of Auckland is regarded as the largest and the most prestigious university throughout New Zealand. Since 2016, the university has made it mandatory for students to attain an Academic English Language Requirement prior to taking any undergraduate courses.
This university has developed a way to fight antibiotic resistance. Vincent Cheng, the chairman of HSBC, the former prime minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, and popular screenwriter Philippa Boyens have graduated from this university.
Stanford University, US
Standard University is another internationally acclaimed university in the US. It is located in Silicon Valley. The university was inaugurated in 1885 by Leland, and Jane Stanford. The campus spreads over a vast area of 8,180 acres. This makes Stanford amongst the largest campuses throughout the US with seven schools and eighteen interdisciplinary research institutes on a single campus.
Through the findings and application of knowledge, the faculty and students at this university aim to enhance the health and wellness of people worldwide. Some of the revolutionary discoveries that have taken place at this university include the first successful heart-lung transplant, the advancement of digital music, the introduction of the computer mouse.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, US
The university got established in 1861 as an independent, and private research university in Cambridge city, Massachusetts. It aims to spread knowledge and prepare students in the areas of technology, science, and other disciplines of study. It is presently organized into five schools that include arts and social sciences, architecture and planning, humanities, engineering, management and science.
Some of the innovative scientific discoveries accredited to the university include the first chemical-based synthesis of penicillin, the finding of quarks, the development of radar, and the development of magnetic core memory, which paved the path for the growth of digital computers. Several Nobel laureates, winners of the national medal of science, national medal of technology and innovation, and Macarthur fellows have studied here.

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University of Canterbury, New Zealand
The University of Canterbury lies in central Christchurch. It got established as the first art school in New Zealand, that is existing and expanding even today. Since 2013, the university has been offering education to students in an international college. It is focused to provide world-class learning to its students. The university offers a foundation studies certificate to the student for excellence in English and academics.
Students who are aspiring to avail of education at this university should know that there is fierce competition for the four-year bachelor’s degree course in fine arts. The University of Canterbury provides amenities that include campus-based workshops, and art galleries. Some of the noteworthy alumni of this university are Man Booker Prize winner Eleanor Catton, the founder of nuclear physics, Ernest Rutherford, and gold-medallist Olympic rower Nathan Cohen.
University Of Edinburgh, UK
Founded in 1583, in Edinburgh, London, the university is considered the sixth oldest university in London. It comprises three colleges that include Humanities and Social Science, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and Science and Engineering. There are around twenty academic schools in all these colleges. Every year, around 35,000 students avail themselves of academic coaching in this university.
Under the “Go Abroad Fund”, the university offer grants to 250 students to avail of a short-term international experience every year. As a part of the course, students are encouraged to study or work abroad at locations. The university receives a total of 200 million from its revolutionary research works. Out of which, it spends around £26 million on scholarships, prizes, bursaries, and studentships.

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King’s College, UK
This is the leading university in London that is renowned globally for its world-standard teaching and state-of-the-art research. It stands in sixth place in London for the quantity, and quality of research activity. It is a popular university that offers learning opportunities to almost thirty thousand students from one hundred fifty nations all around the world. King’s university is well-known for inventions such as the discovery of the DNA structure, and the development of television, mobile phones, the radio, and radar.
University Of Melbourne, Australia
The University of Melbourne got established in 1853. It is the second oldest public research university in Melbourne and the oldest university in the state of Victoria. The primary campus of the university lies in the Melbourne area of Parkville with various other campuses situated across Victoria at Dookie, Southbank, Creswick, Burnley, Werribee and Shepparton.
The university offers education in architecture, arts, business and economics, building and planning, dentistry and health sciences, engineering, fine arts and music, medicine, law science and veterinary and agricultural sciences.
There is a large library system, several museums, and art galleries, situated across the university. They cover a wide range of topics that includes medical history, contemporary art, zoological specimens, anatomy, pathology, and dental collections. Along with it, you will also find various sports clubs where students can participate in varied sports such as hockey, cricket, badminton, tennis, volleyball, water polo etc.


Monash University, Australia
This university got established in 1958. It is regarded as the largest university in Australia and the second oldest university in Victoria state. The university is named after the military leader, public administrator, and engineer, Sir John Monash.
At Monash University, students can choose from over six thousand courses across faculties. These include arts, business and economics, design and architecture, engineering, law, medicine, information technology, education, nursing and health sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and science, and pharmacy. Presently, this university operates various libraries at all of the campuses in Victoria.
Imperial College London the UK
Imperial College London is a reputed science-based institution located in the heart of London. Imperial received a charter in 1907 when it merged with the Royal School of Mines, the City & Guilds College, and the Royal College of Science. With around fifteen thousand students and eight thousand staff, it is considered as one of the leading institutions in the UK. The university offers education in science, medicine, business, and engineering.
University of Otago, New Zealand
The University of Otago was established in 1869, It is regarded as the most primitive university in New Zealand. The vast grounds and Scottish-inspired architecture have gained a reputation for being the most beautiful campuses on the planet.

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It is a research-driven university that motivates its students and faculty members to excel in the areas of health sciences. The university offers doctoral, and undergraduate programs to students. Otago also has health science institutes located in Wellington and Christchurch.
The University of Otago welcomes foreign students with exchange partnerships developed with over ninety university campuses throughout the globe. Since 1904, the university has been granting Rhodes Scholarships to selected graduates of New Zealand origin. Some of the prominent names who have graduated from this university are mountaineer Christine Jensen Burke, astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, medical researcher Muriel Bell, etc.
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
This university got founded on 1 January 2000. It comprises three campuses in central, South and North Auckland. Out of all, the City campus is the largest in central Auckland. The student’s association at this university publishes a student magazine, Debate. This magazine features columns, cartoons, views, news, feature articles. The student’s association supports over forty affiliated clubs and arranges concerts, DJ sets, parties, comedy shows, festivals and several other events regularly.

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This is a complete list of the most esteemed, and recognized universities in the world. Studying abroad in any of the above universities will prove to be a very beneficial experience in building the career of a student.

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