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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report Samples

Subject: Promote Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety

Assessment on Cultural Safety Plan

Undertake a cultural safety evaluation of a workplace using the knowledge you have learnt from this course and the Cultural Safety Checklist provided. This assessment task will be presented in the form of a portfolio of evidence and will include the following information/resources:

The portfolio must include the following:

1. Title page

a) Include the name of the organisation that you will evaluate in this cultural safety plan

2. Key Service Area (LOOK at the green highlighted in key service area 7) From the Cultural Safety Checklist choose Key service area 7 .a. Are local Aboriginal community members offered opportunities to work in our organisation? And identified in the organisation as a service gap (not being delivered or acknowledged)

a) Discuss why it is important and how it provides cultural safety for the organisation

3. Resources

a) Include here the resources you will use to address the gap for the action point chosen from the Key Service Area
b) Identify where you will source these resources

4. Consultation

a) Identify appropriate Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people or organisations who you will consult with to obtain these resources and address the cultural gap
b) What strategies could you use to develop and maintain effective relationships with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait
islander coworkers and clients?

5. Evaluation

a) Indicate what the desired outcome is from the the action point chosen
b) How will you know whether this has been achieved, discuss how you will measure the success of your plan

6. Expected enhancement for the organisation

a) Address how you expect your plan will enhance cultural safety for your workplace

7. Appendix

a) Provide your completed Cultural Safety Checklist here
b) Identify other resources used in this plan

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