Total Quality Management

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Length – Short management report style (maximum 2000 words) with the addition of the Process Maps and data tables as separate appendices.

Weighting – 25%

Type of Collaboration – Individual assessment

Marking Criteria – Detailed marking guide below.


  • The Process Maps must be represented diagrammatically and attached as an appendix to the document.
  • The process maps must follow ANSI standard set of symbols
  • The process maps must be drawn using computer technology

Style and Format

This is a management report, focused on the core question, fully referenced (Harvard Referencing) on a separate page. Appendices must be included to provide supporting data, but all appendices must be discussed in the main document. The Process Maps must be included as a separate appendix. The report must be single spaced with numbered sections.

Total Quality Management

Detailed Information Quality Management Assessment – Benchmarking, Process Mapping, Process Variation and Continual Improvement Analysis of a process.

Real World Business Process – Students can choose to investigate a real-world business process. Students will need to investigate the process from a customer (possible internal customer) perspective and identify root causes for poor performance using various data sources (interview, statistical process control, process map, archival data, etc.). Students will than need to identify relevant improvement opportunities based on the root cause analysis, re-map the process and develop a Gantt-Chart for implementation of best practice.

The process maps must include all functions from the perspective of the customer (possible internal customer) from the point where the process commences to the point where the process is completed. The process maps must clearly show the points for improvement and these points must be fully discussed in the supporting report.

Additionally, students are expected to measure the process and conduct a process variation analysis based on the most suitable variable (e.g. service lead time).

Students will then write a proposal [report] (maximum 2000 words) that discusses the original map and their improved map and the expected improvements or benefits to the organisation that will result if they were to adopt the new procedure. Students will include both maps as appendices within the proposal.

To successfully complete this project, students are expected to conduct several site visits to a suitable organisation where they will be able to study the operation and map it accordingly.

Students must also undertake desk research focusing on relevant quality improvement tools and techniques and they must reference these within the report and discuss how they might be applied in the study.

The Report must be referenced, single-spaced contain relevant headings and sections and it must focus on providing real improvement measures into the process. General reports on quality management, the history of the organisation or quality management, business analysis or market position will not be accepted and result in a zero mark.

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Assessment Guideline

  • Select one of the supermarket stores (Woolworths, Coles or IGA) and compare the processes carried out at the staffed checkouts versus the processes carried out at the self-service checkouts
  • Collect data, e.g., throughput time, number of items, other data?
  • Map the processes and prepare control charts
  • Make suggestions for alternate or improved processes and justify your suggestions

Marking Guideline: Process Analysis

Marking Criteria/Detail Your Mark Comments

Critical Process Analysis (60 Marks)

Process Mapping – evidence of careful thought about the process and its components.

In-depth Statistical Process Control analysis.

Professional and computerised presentation of process map and control chart

Directly links theory and argument with the relevant literature on the topic as well as observations made.

Literature Research Depth (30 Marks)

Demonstrates evidence of planning and selection from appropriate sources to support critical analysis

Relevance of references cited – recent (primarily sources post 2000 and relevant to the assignment topic).

Quality of references cited with the prime source being academic journals (including source reliability indication

for any websites used as a reference)

All references in correct Harvard format within the report and in the Reference List.

Presentation (10 Marks)

Use of appropriate academic writing style

Well structured, logical and coherent presentation of the argument in the required report format

Correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling

Adherence to word limit specifications

Final Mark

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