Tourism Marketing

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MG926 Managing People in Organisations

Answer one (3000 words) of the following four questions which are derived from topics taught within the class.

Question 1. Using examples from industry, explore how regulatory and/or technological change influenced the development of either the airline or hotel sectors in two national or regional markets of your choice.

Question 2. Discuss the impact of changing technologies on the distribution of tourism products and the role of the customer in the delivery of tourism services over approximately the past 40 years.

Question 3. Critically evaluate the impact of regeneration strategies on Tourism in two urban destinations of your choice.

Question 4. The island of St Kilda is the remotest part of the UK some 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. The island is one of only 31 UNESCO world heritage sites that has joint natural and cultural heritage status. Explore the competing interests of culture, heritage and sustainability in the management of St Kilda as a tourism destination.

  • Your essay must be theoretically informed and we would expect extensive use of academic literature within the essay. This literature should provide the foreground of the essay and be the basis for subsequent analysis.
  • Non-academic references (reports/websites) are permitted but these must be properly cited and referenced and be used primarily to illustrate issues derived from your review of academic literature.

The word limit 1 is 3,000 words

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