UGB213 Marketing Communications

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Assignment Task: The Client Perspective – Marketing Communications

Discussion and Brief.

Context Scenario:
The problem with organisations today is that they have lost the ability to communicate with their target
audience. Worst still, they do not listen to feedback nor do they take the opportunity to explore how to enhance
their reputation or product offering. Discuss how in your role as the client organisation, you would suggest to a
marketing communication agency the communication problems that need to be addressed. To do this you
should consider developing and creating a marketing communication brief and commissioning a 12 month

Your Role:
You are to take the lead role as a project or marketing communication officer within a small –medium sized organisation/charity/business start-up of your choice.

You must avoid any large brands, unless there is a local or regional focus. Keep it simple and realistic


  1. You are required to identify a marketing communication problem/s facing your chosen organisation and industry.
  2. You are required to design a Marketing Communication Brief based on a viable and realistic Campaign that would last over a 12 month period (A calendar year). The objective of this brief is to enable a marketing communication agency to implement the brief.

Notes and useful approaches to the assessment Section A.:

  1. You are should research an industry or area in which you will base your marketing communications plan and campaign.
  2. You should undertake secondary research based on the module’s content. This must include a situational analysis on your chosen industry and market.
  3. The Marketing Communication Brief should be attached in the appendices. This should be presented in any appropriate format the format that would be presented to a client or stakeholder.

There should be clear cross – referencing to the main content.

You need to engage with your tutor in order to be clear of what is required. All communications should be via university email system.

This assignment will develop your initial understanding, knowledge and ability to apply marketing communications theory & concepts, which meet the learning outcomes of the module. Best of all we hope it will be an effective learning tool.

You are expected to identify and analyse the effectiveness of marketing communication tools, processes and techniques; show an appreciation of integrated marketing communications; be able to discern and understand the use of media in meeting marketing communication objectives; provide examples of/ and offer solutions to marketing communication problems/opportunities. Please note (Learning outcomes assessed 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)

Using the theoretical knowledge/tools/techniques developed from Part 1 and practical knowledge of Section B, C and D you are required produce an integrated marketing communications plan and campaign using the SOSTAC model. (Word Guide 2000 words)… (Learning outcomes assessed 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5).

Marketing Communications Plan AND Campaign: (Application of theory) 60% Weighting) An Integrated marketing communications plan and campaign

The objective is to produce an integrated marketing communication plan and campaign based on your option
preferably explored in Section A.

Step 1
Explore and research the campaign you wish to develop. Discuss this with your tutor as your ideas develop.
Decide and agree with tutor the marketing communications campaign you wish to undertake.

Apply the theoretical knowledge/tools/techniques developed from Section A to your chosen campaign demonstrating and meet the knowledge based outcomes of the module.

Step 2
You will undertake specific tasks (including your own observations in the field) in order to develop your campaign (refer to the formative assessment). We encourage you to research and discuss theory vs practice issues, or formative feedback for your campaign in workshops and lectures. .

Step 3
Write up and develop the marketing communications plan and campaign using the SOSTAC model refer to module guide.
You are required to link your report to the Creativity and Innovation (Section C).

Section C – Creativity and Innovation – 15% Weighting

You are required to present innovative and creative ideas to support your marketing communications campaign. There must be a clear link with the creative strategy and the rest of the communication plan. You have the artistic freedom but credit will only be given if this enhances your marketing communications plan. The key objective is to develop your skills in communicating your creative and innovative ideas to other people who may be involved in the campaign, for example, the client, graphic designers, marketing communications and advertising agencies, future employers, etc. You should look at media packs developed in practice or marketing visuals/mood/concept boards and other pre- campaign mock adverts, samples, website design or sketches. These can be found in your recommended readings and online resources. Use your power of observation.

This can be presented in any form, for example, idea or mood boards, newspaper cuttings disk, CD-ROM/DVD, or video clips. (Learning outcomes assessed 3 & 5).

Section D – Reflection 5% Weighting. [Word Guide Two Pages]

You are required to reflect on your learning style and experience on this module. This should include: David Kolb’s (2001) model of experiential learning. styles. The Methodology you used, for example, How you approached your work, secondary and primary research; note any errors and omissions – for example what you could have done better; time management – how you controlled or managed given tasks; what you discovered about yourself; how you intend to use the portfolio at interviews and employment/career/self employment opportunities; how it may help you to be a better learner/student/employee/communicator. You may include any other important information. (Learning outcome assessed 4)

Please note all the work in this assignment should comply with the University of Sunderland regulations. All information should be appropriately sourced. Please refer to help sheets in the library and the module leader and tutor.

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