Unit 24 – Employee Relations

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MAPS Associate’s Degree in BM/HRM/Accounting/Marketing Management BTEC HND in Business (Management/HR/Accounting/Marketing)

Assignment title Employee Relations

Assignment Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is

  • Understanding the changes in trade unionism and how they impact employee relations in an organisation
  • Understanding the process and procedures of conflict resolution and understanding the effectiveness of the procedures
  • Understand the methods of collective bargaining and how it can be used as bargaining strategy.
  • Understand the concept of employee participation and involvement in decision-making process of organisation and understand the impact of HRM on employee relations.

Instructions to Learners:

  1. Please read the assignment brief carefully and follow the evidence criteria.
  2. This is an individual work, collaboration is not allowed.
  3. An electronic copy of your assessment must be fully uploaded by the deadline date and time. You may submit one single PDF or MS Office Word document or Google document.
  4. The electronic copy should be named as “YourFullName_Unit24”
  5. Hard copy of the assignment must be submitted latest by 10pm, 21 June. Assignment will only be accepted for marking if the hard copy and the electronic copy uploaded are the same.
  6. Label work with appropriate tasks/criteria’s/number
  7. The assignment must be typewritten with 1.15 spacing of justified alignment using Times New Roman font, font size 12.
  8. Use the APA referencing system and provide references [e.g. (Smith, 2011)] within the text and an entry in a references list. Otherwise it will be considered as plagiarized work. Your work must be original with the appropriate referencing.

Additional Instructions

1. This is a report and must contain the following:

  • Title page
  • Table of content
  • Executive summary
  • The main content/ Body
  • Conclusion/ Recommendation
  • Bibliography/ References

2.  Merit and Distinction Criteria apply for all of the following tasks:

  • Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions. (M1)
  • Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques. (M2)
  • Present and communicate appropriate findings. (M3)
  • Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions. (D1)
  • Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities. (D2)
  • Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking. (D3)

Task 1

You are hired as a consultant to convince the board of Directors of an Industrial Company on importance of trade unionism. As a consultant write a report to the BOD explaining all it takes to bring the change. To prove your point and strengthen your argument, you must talk about real trade unions from all around the world with relevant real examples.


In order to successfully complete this task, you must:

  1. Explain unitary and pluralist frames of references (P1.1).
  2. Explain how the changes in the last two decades in trade unionism have affected employee relations (P1.2).
  3. Analyze and explain role of key players in employee relations and reflect to the scenario (P1.3)
  4. Explain different range of conflict situations and describe and explain the procedures set in place to solve a conflict situation (P2.1)
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures used in a selected conflict situation (P2.3)
  6. Describe key features of employee relations in a conflict situation and explain relevant connections in analyzing a situation to the highlighted employee relation’s key features (P2.2).
  7. Define collective bargaining and explain different aspects of negotiation used in a collective bargaining process (P3.1).
  8. Explain the role of employee representatives and employer representatives in a collective bargaining negotiation process and critically assess the impacts of the negotiation process (P3.2).
  9. Assess the influence of the EU on industrial democracy in the UK (P4.1)
  10. Explain and compare methods used to gain employee participation and involvement in the decision making process (P4.2).
  11. Summarize the impacts of HRM on employee relations (P4.3).
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