Unit 3 Human Resource Management Sample

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Unit 3 Human Resource Management Free Sample


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Question and Solution

You are recently appointed as an HR manager for a rapidly growing company. You must choose
one from the following businesses to base your research on.
1. American Express
2. Unilever
3. Google Inc.
5. Cox and Kings
In the last 12 months, the company’s turnover has declined with a staff increase of 40%. The
company has also gone from one location office to six regional offices. Due to the rapid growth,
employee turnover is on the rise.
As an HR manager, your immediate job is to restructure and redesign the HR department serving
the interest of the company and the employees and meeting legal requirements. You are required
to prepare a case study report to the Board of Directors.


Task 1


I have prepared this report to submit it to the Board of Directors of Google Inc so that its HR function can be restructured. It would help Google to have better control over its declining company turnover and rising staff turnover. I have based the report on the Internet search giant’s current HR practices, its suitability and the necessity to modify the HR model so that the concern can adapt to the changing market setting.

The report evaluates the different strategic models and initiatives of the human resource function at Google Inc. The HR function is one of the core components of Google which concentrates on the human assets involved in the firm. The productivity of human factors is much higher as compared to that of other business assets. The absolute management of the HR function of Google is crucial in the current times so that it can continue as the key market participant in the particular industry (Burma, 2014).

Operations Management

The development of new HR skills and expertise is a major requisite for Google Inc. due to the rapidly changing industrial environment. The report encompasses the suitable approaches which could be implemented by the business to strengthen its staff retention model, skill enhancement technique, and thus reduce its overall staff turnover. Ultimately, suggestions have been provided in the report so that Google can reorganize its current HR model and boost its productivity and efficiency. The objective is to improve the perceived personnel-organizational fit and perceived personnel-job fit in the organizational setting of Google (Burma, 2014).

Google Inc.

Google Inc is a multinational technology-oriented entity that fundamentally offers Internet-based services and commodities such as hardware, software, search options, online advertising services, etc. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. In Google’s own words the objective of the business is to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Google.com, 2017). The ultimate objective of the service provider is to design unique services that largely enhance the lives of as many people as possible. The focus of Google is on all the people and not just any specific section of the market (Google.com, 2017).

The company is a highly reputed and well-known brand that is known for its unconventional business model. It emphasizes on its organizational atmosphere that focuses on creativity and challenges. The corporate structure of the concern is designed uniquely so that it can strengthen Google’s ability to innovate and hence preserve its unique characteristics (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2017).

The current headquarters of Google is situated in California and it is named “Googleplex”. The internet search concern has offices in different U.S. cities like Washington, Georgia, Settle, Cambridge, etc. The firm has over 70 corporate offices in more than forty nations including Sydney and London (Google.com, 2017). The company generates opportunities for as many people as possible so that a diverse perspective can be adopted to strengthen the entire society. The unique selling point of Google Inc lies in its ability to provide the exact information that the user is looking for on the online platform (Google.com, 2017).

International Marketing

The vision statement of Google is “to provide access to the world’s information in one click” (Thompson, 2017). This clear and precise statement shows that the business intends to allow the users to conveniently access information from any part of the globe in a matter of seconds. Three elements are incorporated into the statement namely “accessibility”, “world’s information”, and “one-click” (Thompson, 2017). The firm fulfills the accessibility element by providing its Google search engine service to all the people around the globe.

The mission statement of Google is simple and carries a tremendous deal of potential and scope in it. The mission statement – “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” very creatively communicates the intention of the business to its stakeholders. Google’s HR function is linked to the statement since the organizing activity has to be done by its personnel (Google.com, 2017).

Google’s People Operations Team

The HR function of Google is known as its People Operations Team (POps team). The members from the POps team and the administrative staff comprise of creative, innovative and curious individuals who anchor the firm to its foundation and help it to shoot for the moon. The mantra that the POps team follows is “find them, grow them, keep them” and this dedicated approach helps it to focus on its staffing and development function and thus have a distinctive organizational culture (Careers.google.com, 2017). The HR model that operates within Google helps the entity to thrive in the unpredictable industrial setting. The employees of Google are known as Googlers and they are hired in three simple steps namely apply, interview and decide. The steps followed by Google have been highlighted below.

Unemployment in an Emerging Economy

While recruiting and selecting the right individuals for the organization, Google looks for people who can bring new and innovative perspectives and life perspectives to the organizational teams. The primary objective of Google’s HRM model is to resource the organization with talent and skills that are appropriate to fulfill the business functions. Google values passion, curiosity, and desire to expand the learning graph of the personnel. The model includes carefully planned strategic models, methods, and techniques for recruitment, selection, and retention of top-quality employees. Google has to fight with market players like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc for potential employees (Manjoo, 2017). So at the strategic level, HRM plays a major role to design its organizational structure. The recruitment and selection strategy that is followed by it sends a strong signal to the candidates about being a non-hierarchical model (Yale School of Management, 2017). The structural model including the reporting system and staff management system contributes to its productivity and profitability. The clear-cut job descriptions and job requirements help to define the accountability and ownership of different activities. Google empowers its employees and allows them to act as decision-makers who can help in the proper running of the concern (Manjoo, 2017).

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Sample

At the operational level, the HR function formulates the various policies and principles relating to its recruitment process, training and development model, payroll operation, performance management system employee engagement techniques. The POps function at Google monitors all these areas so that the employee well-being objective can be met (Yale School of Management, 2017).

Google’s growth plans make it necessary for the firm to strengthen its talent pool. It must redefine the new job requirements and roles so that it can adapt to the new and more competitive business setting. It can modify its compensation model, focus on creative staff retention techniques and strengthen its staff development and training model so that the human resource efficiency and productivity can be enhanced. Different recruitment and selection approaches could have different costs and benefits for Google. So the firm must focus on strengthening the skills, technical knowledge and strengths of its teams so that they can act as real assets for the business (Yale School of Management, 2017).


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Effective Approach towards HRM Function

The HRM function of Google includes the recruitment, selection, training, motivation, remuneration designing, administrative and compliance activities.


Currently, the HRM function of Google uses a mixture of internal and external recruitment sources to meet the human resource requirement. It uses transfers, promotions, and interns as the internal recruitment model. The external models used at Google include job advertisements and recruitments from educational institutions (Lombardo, 2017).

Google must front-load people’s investment and put a higher amount of energy to hire the best possible people. A comprehensive formal recruiting model could be introduced so that all the key decision-makers and leaders can be involved in the process. It would help all the managers at Google to understand the specific requirements of different departments. It would enable the concern to prepare distinctive job descriptions that will enable them to locate the right candidates (Lombardo, 2017).

Challenges in Managing Global Team


During the selection process, Google mainly emphasizes on creativity, smartness, and drive for excellence. It adopts the data-based approach to the human resource operation so that the technical skills and expertise of the candidates are considered in the process. It conducts technical and HR interviews to select the right candidates for the right positions.

While selecting the candidates for employment Google must try to align them with the organizational culture. This approach would help it to choose the human factors that would suit the exact requirements of the concern (Writer, 2017).


The HRM practices of Google include effective training programs that can maximize its human resource capabilities. It uses a suitable needs analysis model to develop creative training programs.

Google must keep on upgrading the training model in the rapidly changing technological environment (Lombardo, 2017). A frequent needs assessment must be conducted to locate the gaps and relevant training and development programs must be designed such as on-the-job training, simulations, etc.


Google’s performance planning model is designed in such a manner so that it can motivate the employees to enhance their productivity and efficiency. It currently covers various dimensions of its HRM function like problem-solving ability, quality of customer service, etc.

In the changing business setting very easily the employees can get demotivated due to the need to upgrade their skill-set and expertise (Lombardo, 2017). Google needs to regularly conduct employee assessment and plan training sessions so that they can feel motivated in the professional setting of Google.

Human Resources Management

Remuneration model

Google does not negotiate the compensation package with prospective employees. According to Bob See, the principal recruiter of Google between 2005 and 2014, once Google extends an offer to a candidate it does not change it. Hence two people doing the same role could be having varying remuneration models (Business Insider, 2017).

Goo needs to adopt a more flexible remuneration philosophy so that the prospective candidates can feel empowered by joining the business concern (Business Insider, 2017).

Administration and Compliance

The administrative and compliance functions of Google’s HR are taken very seriously. The employees have to abide by the predefined rules and regulations of the concern. The strict model is constructed so that employees can be encouraged to improve their performance.

Regular upgrading of this function would help Google to monitor the operations of the employees. It could help the concern to strengthen its productivity in the long run. It could strengthen human productivity in the organization (Lombardo, 2017).

Organization chart of Google’s HR department – Positions and Job Roles

The different roles that are included in the human resource function of Google Inc include staffing operations, analyst-based activities, administrative support, learning and development, program manager, recruiter, HR business partner, and strategy and operations. The staffing role unites unique talent with great opportunities. The analysts support and strengthen the growth and organizational management strategies by gaining insights and creating solutions for complex business-related problems. The administrative support teams offer functional support to different teams across Google firm. The HR business partner assists the Googlers by creating and implementing people-related programs. The learning and development team designs innovative programs to promote learning and development (Careers.google.com, 2017). The program managers oversee the daily activities concerning the large-scale projects and simplify their planning, implementation and communication model. The recruiters at Google handle the entire candidate lifecycle and match the candidates with the necessary roles. The strategy and operations team manages large-scale projects and helps to create insightful strategies. The various roles at Google Inc. have been represented below.

Google – Strengths and Weakness of different recruitment approaches

Recruitment Approaches Strengths Weakness
Head Hunting This recruitment approach would allow Google to search for personnel who can add high value to the organization. This strategy could be adopted by Google when no one has applied for the post. This recruitment approach could be unreliable for Google because the candidate could reject Google’s offer if it gets a better salary package from its competitors.
Advertising in national, international magazines, trade magazines This recruitment model could be used to advertise the vacant positions at the middle management level of Google on a large scale. It could attract the best talent that is available in the market (Yale School of Management, 2017).


It would be a costly recruitment approach for Google. Its results could be limited in the current digital world.
Social media


The cost-effective recruitment model could be used by Google to reach a large section of the employment market. It is not the right platform to target and search for the desirable candidates.
Adverts through recruitment agencies The recruitment specialists or agencies could be hired for the vacant top management positions at Google. This model would help Google to focus on the specific section of the employment market. It is a costly recruitment procedure and its outcome would not be certain for Google.
Internal employees reference / Internal promotions Google could use this cost-effective model to fill its vacant positions. The internal procedure would allow it to know the strengths and weaknesses of its employees. It would restrict Google’s creativity and innovative opportunities in the market.


Google – Strengths and Weakness of the selection procedure

Selection Procedure Strengths Weakness
Reviewing CV’s and screen candidates as per the minimum skills This approach would allow Google to identify the exact qualities, strengths and technical knowledge of the prospective applicants. Thus it could identify eligible candidates. If Google would focus on the minimum skills of the prospective employees it would not be able to select the best candidate from the lot.
Interviewing This selection procedure would allow Google to assess the applicants’ technical skills and knowledge and people skills. This selection model would be time-consuming and expensive for Google (Yale School of Management, 2017).
Testing the candidate’s skills Google could select suitable candidates based on analytical tests, personality test, psychometric test, etc. http://www.yourarticlelibrary.com/employee-management/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-conducting-tests-for-selection-of-employees/25959 The test could be wrongly used by the candidates and thus the election results could be unreliable for Google.
Making an offer The offer made to the right candidate would allow Google to have a competitive advantage in the industry. Making an offer to an unsuitable candidate would have an adverse impact on Google’s organizational performance.

Recruitment and Selection of Google

The current HR model of Google includes both internal and external recruitment sources. The internal sources include internal transfers, promotions, and interns/trainees. The external recruitment strategies used by Google are job advertisements – traditional and online, recruitments from educational institutions, etc.

While selecting the best candidates Google emphasizes their creativity and innovative skills. The drive for excellence is a must in all prospective employees. It conducts an interview to identify their technical expertise, knowledge and people skills. The interview process is a crucial selection procedure adopted by Google (Lombardo, 2017).


To reduce the cost at Google, it needs to introduce changes in its current recruitment and selection procedure so that it can employ the most appropriate candidate for its vacant positions.

Google must try to digitalize its entire recruitment model so that all the HR processes can be conducted on the digital platform. This would minimize its costs, efforts and time while hiring new employees. A centralized HRM must be followed by Google so that the organization can have better control over its personnel. Frequent and new training programs must be designed so that the employees can upgrade their skills and knowledge. A robust performance management system must be introduced so that employees with low productivity can be eliminated from the system.

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Benefits of HRM practices

Google currently follows vital HRM practices in the organization that focus on its training and skill enhancement, performance management system and incentive scheme. But it needs to strengthen the HR model so that the employees can benefit from the process. The training and skill model of Google must be regularly upgraded so that the employees can feel empowered in the competitive setting (Thompson, 2017). Since a robust and effective performance management system improves the productivity of the employees, Google must conduct regular performance assessments so that the employees can feel motivated. The compensation and incentive model of Google must be made more flexible so that the employees can negotiate with the company about their salary structure. These changes in Google’s HRM practices could be introduced to strengthen the function.

Employee relations at Google

Google strongly believes in building strong employee relations because the success or failure of the concern is directly related to the health of the relationship among the employees. To strengthen its current model, the HR department tries to focus on the specific requirements of the employees. It believes in creating a healthy and professional environment so that the well-being of the employees is maintained in the organizational setting. Forbes has disclosed Google’s unique perk system when an employee passes away. It pays the spouse of the deceased half of the salary for a decade (Thompson, 2017).

Google needs to regularly monitor employee relations in the firm so that the aspects that give rise to friction can be addressed effectively. The POps team must assess the business setting of all the departments so that a better and more effective professional ambiance can be created (Thompson, 2017).

Employee legislation laws

The employee legislation laws play a vital role in the Google concern and they impact the HRM decision-making process of the company. The Legal Assistant of Google, Grace Brewington has said that Google is at the forefront of legislative and policy changes so that they can efficiently lead the industry and protect the confidential data of the users.

Parental Policy – Google provides paid maternal leave ranging between 18 to 22 weeks and the primary caregivers get 12 weeks and other caregivers receive 7 weeks leave. It includes full pay, stock vesting and other benefits.

Disciplinarians, appeals and grievances – Google makes a sincere attempt to make sure that there is no form of discrimination, bullying or harassment in the organizational setting. The Policy against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation is followed at Google so that all employees can operate in a professional and healthy setting. The HR model is designed effectively so that any complain can be investigated and necessary actions can be taken (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2017).


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Safety in the workplace setting – Google is committed to having a safe and violence-free workplace setting so that the employees can operate and function in the most productive organizational setting. No employee can bring any sort of weapon to the workplace. The organization makes sure that no redundancy is encouraged in the business setting (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2017).

Google follows these employee laws so that a healthy and professional setting can be created and the productivity of the employees can be increased in the process.

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Task 2

1. Job specification for a business analyst position at Google Inc:

Job title People Analyst in Google Inc.
Qualification Graduate in BA or BS in Economics, Finance, Statistics, or related fields (Engineering or Mathematics)
Experience ·         Minimum of 2 years

·         Experience using SQL, Python or scripting language. Experience in building and maintaining a solution to collect, save, and organize data to address the specific needs of the client.

Contract Full-time permanent role
Compensation USD 30,000 – USD 35,000  per annum (non-negotiable)
Skills ●       Presentable candidate

●       Good Communication Skills

●       Quick analytical skills

●       Sound judgment with attention to detail

●       Competent IT skills

●       Strong organizational skills

●       Collaborative Skills

●       The willingness to strengthen technical learning

Responsibilities ●       Build strong relationships with teammates, business leaders, HR clients, and other HR application engineers for solving organizational concerns.

●       Empower Google with high-quality data.

●       Architect, design and automate data and provide analytics solutions, to provide insights at scale.

●       Manipulate and evaluate large data sets to distill the insights from data and thus connect dissimilar ideas into cohesive, well-grounded recommendations.

●        Use analytical reasoning ability to identify issues and create hypotheses to recommend a data product that addresses stakeholder’s needs.

●       Prioritize work to manage multiple work streams and high-pressure situations.

Location 6th Floor, 9th Ave, New York, NY, United States of America

2. CV:

(Andrew Jones)

(24, 9th Avenue, New York, U.S.)

(Contact no. – xxxxx)



I am a hardworking, dedicated, and creative individual with 6 years’ experience in the technology sector. I was previously working with Microsoft where I got sufficient exposure to strengthen my technical skills and knowledge. I have supported the business solution software and analyzed its operations in the past. I have a clear understanding of data visualization including tables, charts, and graphs. Previously I was also involved in conducting research activities by using basic statistical tools like t-tests, regression, and correlation.

I can self-start and self-direct work in the unstructured environment of an organization. This ability motivates me to take up new challenges.

In my professional career, I have used effective managerial skills and people management techniques for maximizing my outcome and the outcome of the company for which I am working. I am a self-motivated individual who believes in building strong rapport and relationships with my colleagues.

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  • Strong technical knowledge and understanding ability
  • Broad analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills (reading and writing)
  • People skills

I have done my Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the U.S. and I passed in the 2011 batch. I had done my schooling from Stevenson High School, U.S.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office tools including Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Visio. I am familiar with Agile software developing methodology.


Degree in Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology from CGPA  8.8

Schooling from Stevenson High School with 8.2 CGPA


I had joined Microsoft as an intern from MIT in 2011 during the campus recruitment process. After two years of the probation period, I was promoted as a Business Analyst and I was responsible to use different analytical tools and computer languages. I have previously used SQL and Python programming languages in the concern.

I have been a part of the team where I had to form and generate testable generated from inductive reasoning that was verified via analytical and statistical means.


My employment in Microsoft as an intern and then as a Business Analyst has helped me to structure my career. I have solid technical fundamentals due to the on-the-field experience at Microsoft.

I gained the theoretical knowledge during my Engineering studies and I was further able to apply the knowledge in the practical scenario of the Microsoft organization.

Additional Information
  • Driving License
  • Comfortable with Virtual Learning Environments
  • Spanish writing and verbal skills

*   *   *   *   *

3. Candidate’s preparatory notes for an interview

Research on Google –Google Company was formed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1998. Currently, it has over 70 offices in around 40 nations. As of 2017, Google has approximately 73, 992 employees. Its corporate headquarters is situated in California and it is called “Googleplex”

Comparing the skills and qualifications with the job requirement – I have done my Engineering from MIT and have 6 years’ experience in Microsoft. I know different analytical tools and computer languages like SQL and Python. Google is looking for a candidate who can take up the role of a Business Analyst. He must have over 2 years’ experience in the technical field.

Preparing response – The technical knowledge of the different computer programming languages must be highlighted. The theoretical knowledge must be expressed in practical terms so that Google can understand the worth of the qualifications and experience.

Dressing model – The dressing sense of the candidate plays a vital role in the selection process.  Neutral business attire must be selected such as a neutral-colored suit and professional shoes. Accessories should be avoided so that the formal look can be maintained.

Planning what to bring – Extra copies of the resume must be taken to the interview venue. A notepad and pen must be carried since it could come in use during the selection process.

Non-Verbal communication model – A mindful and careful approach must be used so that proper non-verbal communication is maintained throughout the selection process. On-time arrival is necessary to avoid unnecessary panic and nervousness. During the interview, a straight posture must be maintained and nervous gestures must be avoided.

Follow-up – The follow-up is an important preparatory process. A list must be brought so that all the relevant points concerning the process and requirements can be covered in it.


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4. Selection Criteria

The particular candidate should meet all the needs and requirements of the Business Analyst role. He must have the necessary capabilities so that he can manage the business analytical operations at Google. He should have managed and handled the entire business analytical operations of reputable business concerns for at least 2 years. He must possess the experience of working in the technology-based industry. He should be acquainted with different computer programming languages. The candidate must prepare himself to face four rounds of interviews comprising of the personality-based interview, communication test interview, technical interview, and HR round interview.

5. Justification for selecting a candidate

Key selection criteria Remarks
Previous experience from the company Candidate has a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the Technology sector. The experience in Microsoft makes the candidate’s position strong.
Interview impression Seems confident and has technical knowledge on the subjects. Well abreast with the latest happenings in the technology sector.
Right qualification Candidate possesses a relevant degree in the analytics field and knows Engineering.
Physical and Personality characteristics Confident attitude with a positive body language. He has a cheerful personality.
Scores in Aptitude test Aptitude test:

The candidate’s score is 45/50. He has passed with the highest marks in the aptitude evaluation.

Reference checking One former employee had referred him to the previous recruitment session of Google.

The employee was contacted about the particular reference and he has given a positive response about the candidate.

6 Google’s Job Offer Letter

Street address: 6th Floor, 9th Ave

New York, NY, United States of America

Phone Number: +11 543 210 1125

Recipient Name: (Andrew Jones)
Street address: 24, 9th Avenue,
City, postcode: New York, U.S, xxxxxx
Phone Number: +11 543 02 1125

Dear Mr. Andrew

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected for the position of Business Analyst at Google Inc., commencing 12th December 2017.

  1. You will work within the Analytical department and your line manager will be [Mr. Ray Johnson].
  2. Your starting salary is [$ 30,000] per annum. Salary reviews take place annually.
  3. To help you to develop your performance, informal reviews will take place every quarter, with a formal annual appraisal that will take place in [March] each year.
  4. You will need to bring in your passport or other documentation to clear the formalities at Google Inc.
  5. Your holiday entitlement is 28 days per annum, plus bank holidays.
  6. Hours of work are 37.5 hours per week including lunch breaks. Hours of work may vary, but standard hours are from 10:00 -18:00hrs. It may be necessary on occasions to work outside these hours.
  7. Your probation period is 1 year. During this period we will assess your progress. Any serious issues – on either side – should be raised as they occur.

I attach a job description, which outlines your basic role. I’d be grateful if you would accept the offer by signing the enclosed contract of employment, which lays down the main terms of employment. Please also complete the enclosed New Employee Information form. Please bring the employee form and the signed copy contract of employment on your date of joining.  We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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Kevin Trecer

HR Manager

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Sample

7. Evaluation of selection criteria

The current selection criteria are strong enough to select talented prospective employees but it needs to add creativity and innovativeness in the model so that it can attract the most productive and skilled manpower. It must consider the recommendations so that the current selection procedure can attract and choose suitable employees for the organization.


The HR model at Google is well organized but it needs to introduce certain changes so that the employees can feel motivated to work in the organization. The changes that have been recommended for Google in its remuneration model, training program and performance management system would strengthen its HRM function and allow it to increase its efficiency in the competitive setting.


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