V4143 – Art and Artists: Take-Away Paper

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Answer three questions, including compulsory question 1. Word-length 2000 words. Submit your answer through Study Direct. You have 48 hours to complete the paper.

Please familiarise yourself with the Art History marking criteria, available on Study Direct. Your answers should be referenced, illustrated and include a bibliography.

Q1: Name and date images A and B, and compare and contrast them with reference to ideas about artists’ sexual, gender and/or ethnic identities?

Q2: ‘There is no test of our acquaintance with nature so absolute and unfailing, as the degree of admiration we feel for Turner’s painting.’ (John Ruskin, Modern Painters I, 1843). Discuss with regard to Turner’s changing reputation.

Q3: Using three examples, discuss why Caravaggio’s use of light was celebrated in his own time and how it has influenced his followers through the ages.

Q4: Why has the reputation of Peter Saul changed over time?

Q5: How has the reputation of Diane Arbus been controlled at different times and by different parties?

Q6: In what sense is Gluck’s masculinity instrumental to understand the meaning of Gluck’s painting then and now?

‘Q7: Collage [is] … especially relevant to the hyphenated character of diaspora identities’ (Kobena Mercer, Cosmopolitan Modernisms, p. 126). Discuss in relation to the work of Romare Bearden.

Q8: How do ‘Happenings’ complicate conventional understandings of ‘the artist’?

Q9: What methods have scholars used to attribute works specifically to Luca della Robbia and why is the correct attribution of his work important? Explain using at least two examples.

Q10: Using specific examples, discuss at least two reasons scholars struggle to attribute works to individual members of the Carracci workshop.

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