Women Empowerment

Posted on February 22, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Q1     Women Empowerment

Ans1.   Women’s empowerment is basically the term related to the promotion of women in a different-different field so that they can easily explore and enhance their skills. Women empowerment is mandatory for the health and social development of families, communities and also it enhances the overall growth of a country.

The basic requirement is to work on the education system where we can teach girls and ladies of all ages and make them independent.

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Girls who are educated can pursue fruitful work and can contribute to the country’s economy as well. It’s not only our society where the Gender inequality system is on priority but globally, it has become an issue where Women are suffering from many hurdles. They are being tortured, harassed and it can even cause death in some cases. 

If we need a healthy and successful country, then we must focus on women’s empowerment and standing and supporting women is more than helpful, because what I think, a woman needs nothing other than love, care, family support and an optimistic environment and I am damn sure, it is much more than sufficient and can give the best output.


We hear almost daily, that women walking outside are not safe actually, women should work only in the kitchen, women do not have a mind to work as like men. 

This is not actually true, if we provide an equal opportunity to both men and women and work with more concentration on our culture, system and tradition, we will get better output.

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