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In this article, we are going to cover what is an essay? Type of essay. How is 650-word different from other essays i.e. long or short? And the basic structure to write a 650-word essay and finally discuss some of the frequently asked questions.

What is an essay?

An essay is a written piece that is a map to present an idea, submit an argument, show the emotion or commence on the debate. Generally, an essay falls somewhere around 1500 to 3000 words, this provides the writer to present the details of their ideas as writers have enough words to present their ideas. But in the 650-word essay, you will ask to present all the ideas and wrap all the ideas within 650 words. You need to provide all the relevant information along with your views within the limited words. To write a short essay of a lesser number of words you must have mental brilliance and must have the ability to compress all of your ideas in as short as possible.
The below question is the repeatedly asked question on the internet. After some research and feedback, we come up with some solutions. Let’s see:

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Types of Essays:
There are many types of the essay but some of the essays like:
Narrative Essay:
In this type of essay, we generally deal with the most personal story. Literary techniques used in the narrative essay that reads like fiction.
• Metaphor
• Analogies
• Alliteration
• Imagery
• Dialogue
Descriptive Essay:
It is like of narrative essay, but it allows you in writing the essay in a more creative and imaginary approach. In this essay we generally provide a subject of matter, this may be person, place, things.

Expository essay:
It is used to explain something neutrally. The expository essay can be of different format but it includes:
• An introduction part with well-connected thesis part
• The body that must contain the crucial paragraph that might be tried to display on the essay.
• A conclusion part that must contain the summarization of all the main points in the body of the thesis part and come up with a solution and try to convince with your solution.
In an Expository essay, try to avoid emotion or opinion, instead of that, focus on factual information.

Definition essay:

Definition essays are the common use essays in research and academic. It contains the abstract topic which provides in-depth analysis and explanation.

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Process essay:
It explains a process step by step and guides a certain process. Basically, it describes how to do something and how something works?

Compare and contrast essay:
In this compare and contrast essay, you should try to point out the similarities and differences between two or more subjects.

Argumentative essay:
It is based on fact rather than emotion to sway the reader. Basically, it is designed to convince the reader to take a certain side based on the information presented.

Persuasive essay:
A persuasive essay is based on the use of both fact and emotion. So, that the persuade reader to adopt to take the opinion.

How is 650-word different from another essay:

The shortest possible essay is about 150 words which are generally used in college. But, the essay can be written off up to 3000 words or more which is generally not preferred because readers try to check your skills how you have presented the detailed information by wrapping up to of some word limit.


The basic structure to write a 650-word essay:
An essay can be divided into main four components:
• Introduction
• Thesis
• Body
• Conclusion
In the Introduction part generally, we tried to make the reader aware that what steps we are going to write the essay.
It must contain an attention recognition or try to make the essay very interesting or you can begin with some quotes. Basically, we provide the roadmap to writing the essay.

It generally comes at the end of your introduction section. This section will look different depending on the type of essay you’re writing and the topic has you selected. In this section, you try to sum up the main points of your essay. Try to begin the thesis section with a question related to the topic which is a good connector of the introduction and the thesis part, and then answer the question and convince the reader.

This section focussed on the main idea, research, and your view on the specific topic, providing clear and concise information. You must be careful and build a link between the thesis and the body. In this section, you should try to highlight the sentence or paragraph which you want that the reader must-read. you must have to develop a few key points in the essay in a concise format that makes the reader understand clearly.

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It is the last paragraph of your essay. Summarizing its thesis and body section. It helps the reader to why your essay should matter to them.

Some tips to write a successful essay
There are different rules about how to create a great imagination story for everyone and how to write a short essay. Below are some tips which might help you in improving the skills of writing the short essay:
• Choose a comfortable topic that you are interested in.
• Research well
• You should know the target audience
• Frame an outline
• You should avoid distraction.
• Use online editing /proofreading services.

Some of the frequently asked questions:
The following are some of the frequently asked questions by the student on the internet:

In what situation do you need to write a 650-word essay?
It is used to summarize the main essay outline. You need to write a 650-word essay due to the requirements of the educational institution.

What are you expected to write a 650-word essay?
In general, 650-words offers to write an essay depending upon the requirement of the educational institution.

What is the proper structure should follow to write a 650-word essay?
Like the other essay, the structure of 650-words remains the same i.e., Introduction, body, and Conclusion.

Is it difficult to write a 650-word essay?
If you have detailed knowledge on the provided topics then it may be not difficult, but difficult exceeding with decreasing the word limit because you try to wrap up the detailed things in about 650-words.

How to write a balanced 650-words essay?

There are a lot of tips and tricks to write a balanced 650-word essay, you have to select a meaningful topic and try to answer as much as possible by raising the question. Along with creating a thesis section that properly complements the introduction section.
And finally, the body and conclusion part, conclusion, and introduction section contain 10 percent of the total word count. This means you should try to give an overview and conclusion part is of about 65 words in the case of a 650-words essay. And the rest of the word is used to write the body and the thesis section which makes it difficult to present all of the ideas. so, you must have to develop a few key points in the essay in a concise format that makes the reader understand clearly.

How to impress your teacher or reader with a perfect 650-word essay?
In order to impress your teachers or reader, it will be essential to follow the general guidelines of writing a short essay. In the introduction part, you have to make the structure and main theme. Then, in the body part, you should try to highlight the main points that you want to show the teachers or reader.

How long is it necessary to write the introduction part?

Ideally, the introduction part contains 10 percent of the whole essay so, try to make the introduction part is of about 65 words.

The basic structure of the 650-word essay?

Likewise, any other essay also consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion section.

How long is the body section?
In the body section, we try to provide all the information about the given topics so, it generally contains around 520 words in the case of a 650-words essay.

Purpose of conclusion section?
The purpose of the conclusion section is to provide a brief summarization of all the points that you have written in the body section of the essay.

Best topic for a 650-words essay?
The following are the topics for a 650-words essay:
• Marketing conflict between the United States and China.
• US Migration Policy during Trump’s President
• Military service in the United States during Donald Trump’s government.
• The synergic between the United States and India in 2019-2020
• The American terrorism policy.

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