Written Assignment 1: Response

Posted on September 24, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Task description

  • Your written response needs to be 1000 words in length (+/- 10%) and must be supported with at least 6 evidence based peer reviewed sources.
  • Submit your response into Turnitin.
  • This assignment is open for submission from 5th March for those students who wish to submit their assignment early, for example some students going on clinical placement may wish to submit their assignment prior to going on clinical placement.

Betty- pathophysiology, diagnosis, aetiology and common treatment options for cancer.

Betty has recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Pathological examination of biopsy from Betty's colonoscopy and excsion reveal moderately differentiated Adenocarcinoma of descending colon, stage 3A (Duke’s C).

Discuss the following in relation to this case:

  • Succinctly discuss the pathophysiology of cancer tumours in general (Approx. 350 words)
  • Discuss the pathophysiology of colorectal cancer disease in relation to Betty’s biopsy results (moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma grade 3) (Approx. 300 words)
  • Discuss ONE of the chemotherapeutic treatment available for Betty. Link your discussion to the relevant pathophysiology of Betty’s condition (Approx. 350 words)

Marking criteria

View the marking rubric for this assessment

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