Young Children’s Development

Posted on July 30, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Making sure that children and young people develop effectively is an important role for all adults that care or work with children and young people.

In this assessment you will be focusing on the development of young children under the age of three years. It will give you an opportunity to show the importance of meeting the young child’s basic needs and how this can support individual children’s development.

Produce a folder with three sections, which will include the following tasks.

Section 1 – Development of young children
Task 1

  • Produce a chart which gives an outline of the development for young children during the first three years of their life.
  • Explain why young children’s development may occur in different sequences and at different rates.
  • Explain how all areas of development of the young child are interconnected or interlinked.

Section 2 – Positive environments
Task 2

The environment where children play or work can influence their development. Think about a positive environment for young children, and then write:

  • an outline of the features in your chosen positive environment which would support the children’s development
  • an explanation of how each feature would support the development of young children
  • a description of how you would create a positive environment which would support young children’s development.

Section 3 – Providing basic needs
Task 3

Understand how to support young children’s development by providing for their basic needs. The role of the adult in providing basic needs of children supports development.
To show understanding of this:

  • identify the basic needs of young children
  • describe what the role of the adult is in providing the basic needs of the young child
  • write an explanation of how providing the basic needs of young children will support their development.
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