10 Techniques To Write Longer Essays

Posted on May 12, 2018 by Cheapest Assignment

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Whenever we write essays, we have to meet the mentioned word count, however, at times, it really becomes difficult to meet the specified word count. In order to attain the specified word count, a common practice by the students is to either increase the width of the margin or use bigger font sizes.

Although these practices can increase the length of your page, you can try some smarter techniques that can make your essay look longer, more filling and engaging in nature. Hence, keep your worries away as making lengthy paper is not a very troublesome job. You can write longer essays with the help of the following tips as under:

    1. Use of transitional words and phrases

There are some terms, for example, therefore, that is why, On the other hand, even though which are often desired by the teachers and they want the students to use plenty of transitions in their paper.  Transitions are nothing but connectors that build a connection between two sentences.

You should go through your paper and find out if the sentences are connected logically with each other. The sentences should relate to each other. Any unrelated sentence can bring down your score. Hence, it is advisable to use transitional words or phrases to fill up the gaps, if any. Also, this will help you achieve lengthy essays.

10 Techniques To Write Longer Essays

    2. Proofreading is a must for your essays

We cannot deny the fact that everybody has a tight schedule these days. No matter how difficult your schedule be, you should take out some time and request your friends to go through your essay once to rule out any inconsistency in your essay. Also, if someone else goes through it, you can get a feedback from the person. In case, if you have missed out some significant information, that can also be detected. However, if you are still confused about how to write a longer essay, you should consult an expert.

    3. Review The Structure That You Have Made

When you started writing, did you think of creating a structure for your essay and include the things that you always wanted to include in your essay?  You might feel skeptical about whether you did the right thing. There is nothing much to worry. After you are done writing, you can scan through the structure to understand whether you have included all that you wanted to add in your essay. 

After rechecking, you may land up finding that you have missed a very significant data. Now that you have found it, you can add it which would help increase your word count and make your essay perfect. Hence, do not forget to review the structure of your essay.

    4. Reading Out Can Be Very Beneficial

Although this might be a little childish to you, do you know that reading out the essay loudly can really help you rule out mistakes and inconsistencies? You can detect if there is any spelling or grammatical error in your paper.

If you find out grammatical errors and edit your sentences, it would eventually increase the word count of your essay. In addition, while you read out your paper, you can determine if you have missed out any important piece of information. If yes, then you can add the information which will, in turn, increase the word count of your paper.

    5. You Need The Much Needed Break from your Writing

Remember the old phrase -All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy. Yes, you heard that right. You must have been sitting in front of the computer screen and putting in hours after hours in an attempt to write your composition. Your brain needs some rest now! Consider walking or eating some food or chatting with friends about different things.

This will help you to compose with a fresh mind when you get back to writing once again. New ideas will bound to come to your mind after you spend some time away from writing.

    6. Take Advice From Your Professor

Students can approach their professors and teachers as most of them are eager to help their students. So, don’t shy away from your teachers. Fix an appointment with them and consult them and take their inputs regarding how to write a stellar paper. Your teachers can help you attain the specified word count that you are struggling to achieve.

    7. Quotations Can Be of Help

One of the best ways, to increase the word count for your essays is by using quotations in your essays. However, if there is no specific context, you should not use quotations. In case, if you find that you have not met the required word count, then you can go through your essay once again and try to find out if it needs more quotations to fill in the gap and raise the word count.  Another useful tip is you can carry out a research and try to locate if there is any scope of adding any further sources to your paper.

    8. Your Essay Can Have Plenty of Evidence

To support your statements, you can add numerous evidence in your paper. The more evidence you put, your essay can become stronger and compelling in nature. As you add evidence, your word count will increase and you will be able to achieve the required word count that you are desiring.

    9. Can Your Arguments Prove Your Points?

The arguments that you have presented should have the capability to prove your points or stance. Also check, whether you have included all the points or not.

Hence, if you follow the following tips, then it is not so difficult to write a lengthy essay.

    10. Recheck introduction and conclusion

As we write, ideas crop in our mind.  Generally, we start the essay with the introductory part, hence it would be prudent to go through introduction once again. While rechecking the introduction, you might find that you have skipped some important pointers that would help bring clarity to your writing. Hence, it would be good if you take advice from an expert and understand how to write an essay.

The same goes for the conclusion as well. The conclusion is a gist of what you have written in the entire essay. Hence you should ensure it is well written and you have offered the specifics for your target audience. A vigorous exercise of revision is required in case if you have missed any of the specifics. 

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