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Introduction The following context elaborates on three specific clinical case studies that I experienced during my course. Thus the reflection initiates future improvement that also reflects on my professional career (Taleghani, Abazari & Yousefy, 2019). I have explained three different experiences and used Gibbs's reflective model (Li et al. 2021) to describe and evaluate these three case studies. Case analysis 1: Description I was assigned to..Readmore


Introduction           In today’s ever-evolving world, developing different strategic activities has helped to gain major performance efficiency and grab a strong position in the international segmentation which has made the country more potential and significant. In that context, mental well-being..Readmore


Cardiovascular issues are now a very common disease around the globe. The unhealthy lifestyle and the practices that people are doing are the main cause of the disease. The issues can be solved and can come under control if it is treated on time. A person who is affected by a cardiovascular disease..Readmore

Health of Infants, Children, and Adolescents

Introduction The psychosocial theory is essential for a pediatric patient to assess their psychological health condition throughout their lifespan. Apart from this, it helps the patient to improve the social nature and social relationships with humans. Registered Nurse (RN) plays a crucial role in t..Readmore


Question 1: What are the main features of Haier’s Internationalisation strategy since the 1990s Haier Group Corporation is a China-based multinational home appliances company along with a consumer electronics-based company and this company has its headquarters in Qingdao (, 2022). This ques..Readmore

Security and Strategy Sample

Illustrating the differences between traditional and non-traditional approaches to security through a brief analysis of a pressing challenge in contemporary international politics. Introduction Security strategy refers to the document that provides an outline periodically concerning the security of..Readmore

The Emerging Role of Digital Marketing and its Effects on the Customers’ Shopping Journey for Apparel

Abstract             This thesis proposes to study and conduct an investigation of the contemporary marketing strategy of digital marketing and its emerging role in the consumer shopping journey, with a focus on the UK market. Digital marketing facilitates marketers and consumers to exploit the adva..Readmore