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Posted on July 6, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Health and Safety

A key task for HR employees is to be able to write short reports that are engaging, easy to read and factually accurate (with references if your readers want to follow up) on a range of issues. These are also the sort of short pieces that you can use to demonstrate your talent and to promote yourself in the employment market by starting discussions in forums like LinkedIn.
Your real world brief
Your client for this semester is Advance Energy. Advance Energy has a strategy document which positions it into the future.
Research problem
You are to choose ONE of the topics listed in the Schedule Document for the unit available under UNIT DETAILS. In the light of Advance Energy’s strategic target for the employment relationship you are to investigate the research on employment relations and aspects of employment and consider how you (as HR adviser) might help Advance Energy reach its employment relations target.
Your task (as a group)
1. Define your term/s.
2. Investigate the literature around employees and aspects of their employment relationship and your chosen issue. Make sure you maintain good records of where your literature comes from as you will be required to reference it in your writing. You are aiming for evidence (statistics and quality academic literature) to inform your suggested strategies.
3. In your groups in workshops, you will develop specific research question/s and related data sources. You may discuss your plan with others, but your written work must be your own.
Your task (individually)
4. As an individual, you should write 1000-1200 words (in a journal post/blog with references), explaining why the issue is important and providing advice to Advance Energy about the issue.

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