Are you procrastinating your college assignments until the last minute? Here’s how you know it.

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Cheapest Assignment

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College assignments are off-course not easy to solve in one day and that too, just before the submission date. Preferably, it takes more time to understand the requirements, to solve the problem in a sensible manner and to make no errors in grammar. Most of the students have a habit of procrastinating their assignments until the last minute. Despite knowing that the last minute pressure and anxiety will make them very stressful, they mostly spend their time in other works and leisure. However, as soon as the deadline arrives, they start working hard to finish the assignment on time. They stay awake until late night and are in a state of panic attack until the assignment is finished. Below are some of the common signs of procrastination.

  1. 1. Wasting time in telling friends that you have done nothing for tomorrow’s submission

Telling your friends continuously that you have done nothing for tomorrow’s submission of your college assignment and trying to keep your fear out of your mind for some time.

  1. 2. Calling a couple of friends for shopping

Making yourself busy with friends and hanging out with them for shopping is the best way to avoid the tension of doing the assignments.

  1. 3. After the hangout, finally moving to the library and suddenly you realize you have not started anything yet.

After the shopping gets over, you suddenly realize that you need to complete your assignments and choose to stay in the library instead of your home, for better concentration. You start to ask yourself where to start from and how to do the assignments. Students, in these cases, struggle more to get the correct answers to the tasks. They find that even trying to get the answers becomes too complicated for them, so they start thinking logically to get the materials into their head, which is off-course, not possible at the last moment.

  1. 4. Laziness is the top-most priority

Most of the students are very lazy when it comes to doing their assignments. They are like “yeah, I still have 4 days to do the assignment, so I will do it tomorrow.” This “Tomorrow” never comes and they suddenly realize that the submission is on the very next day. Finishing an assignment in a day becomes very difficult for them and they end-up in not submitting the assignment altogether. This laziness leads to fewer marks and failure.

For few, procrastination is not a big deal, but for few others, it makes them sink into the ocean of stress. The fact is, solving the assignment can be done easily in one day. It just needs proper planning, guidance, and materials to complete the task within the stipulated time frame.

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