Research Proposal – International Business Administration

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TOPIC: Human Resource

SUBJECT: International Business Administration


1.Project (research topic) title

Research Proposal - International Business Administration

Provide a short descriptive title of no more than 20 words.

  • A significant reason for employee retention of an organization and strategic analysis on how to reduce the impacts of it.

2.Project (research topic) summary

In no more than 100 words, intelligible to a reader who is not a specialist in this field, summarize the aims, significance and expected outcomes of your proposed research.

  • Change is always inevitable, but it can bring major problems for the business in terms of the cost. And the best example to illustrate this condition would be the employee’s turnover, which can directly affect the bottom line of your business. As such, it is quite vital to analyze the motives of departing the employees and will devise an effective retention strategy. The reasons for quitting the job may be personal or professional, and these reasons could be difficult to analyze by an employer as they are involved in other events in the outside world. This report will contain the details of these issues along with some questionnaires.
  1. Project (research topic) details

 3.1 Introductory background

Provide a brief but comprehensive statement, following the headings provided below. Please number the pages.

  • The turnovers of the employees are always expensive. While some of the turnovers are expected due to poor management, which can cause the normal turnover to climb to an extensive level. Turnover can degrade the level of productivity which brings adverse effect on other employee’s morale as well. Although it’s hard to quantify, poor morale on the employees brings a negative impact on the effectiveness as well as on the efficiency. Therefore, it is vital for the firm to reduce the turnover rates, and to do this, companies need to understand the main reasons that leave the employees in such state and didn’t bring benefits to the organization.

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3.2 Research questions

This section should explain the research question and may include the hypothesis or problem to be addressed.

1.      What is the main reason that forces the employees to leave the organization?

2.      What are the strategic methods that could be implemented to reduce this rate?

3.      How this reduction affects the productivity of the organization?

3.3 Aims/Objectives of the project

This section should explain how the problem is to be addressed.

  • The reduction of the employee’s turnover rate depends on the environment they are working as well as on their personal lives. The best employees will always share the values and vision about what they want to experience at work. Selecting the right people at the right place is the first step to minimize this effect in the organization. Don’t try to neglect the people who are skilled and have innate talent along with the best personality, smart work and abilities, even if you don’t currently have the suitable match for them in your company. Always offer them comprehensive packages such as insurance, bonus criteria, flexible hours. Allow them to share their views and knowledge with the rest of the employees through presentation and training sessions (Thomas, 2013).

3.4 Significance/Contribution to the discipline

This section will normally justify the project from a review of the literature on the topic.

  • Leadership plays a crucial role in managing the job satisfaction of the employees as well as reduces the turnover intention in the public sectors in UAE. This paper consists of three major parts which are employee’s job satisfaction-transitional leadership styles-turnover intention. As per the author Abubakr M. Suliman, one of the major challenges that work organization are nowadays are facing in UAE and other Gulf countries, are the retention and recruitment of staffs (Suliman & Al Obaidli, 2011). There is high staff turnover in the companies and still, it continues to pose challenges in both public and private companies amid the global crisis on economic factors which results in additional costs.

3.5 Theoretical framework and methods

This section may include a discussion of the sources to be consulted.

  • Staff turnover in any of the organization might be due to voluntary or involuntary actions. Both of these actions lead to the reduction in productivity and also fails to achieve the target within the stipulated time frame. There are two theories which are described by Herzberg et al (1959) that explain what dissatisfies or satisfies the employees, and hence, serves as a vital framework for employee retention. According to several studies, it was proved that retaining a healthy team of productive employees and commitment leads to better productivity, and hence, firms need to design appropriate strategies to retain these many qualities (Reynolds, 2018).

4 Research plan and timeline and contents of thesis/submission

Please provide a plan of stages of your research development and thesis writing with a time‐line of proposed goals for your program.

1.      Staffing and data collection-one week

2.      Tools used-one week

3.      Assessment of the data-four to five days

4.      Arriving at the conclusion-four to five days

5.      Finding or designing the recommendation-one week

5 References cited/Bibliography of planned reading

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Reynolds, J. 2018. 7 Common (but Fixable) Causes of Employee Turnover. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Mar. 2018].

Suliman, A.M. and Al Obaidli, H., 2011. Organizational climate and turnover in Islamic banking in the UAE. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 4(4), pp.308-324.

Thomas, J., 2013. Study on the causes and effects of employee turnover in the construction industry. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), pp.2319-7064.



This form is due to be completed and uploaded via XXXX by your due date. You should aim to provide a concise but carefully considered summary of your intended research topic which will communicate what you are intending to investigate as clearly as possible.

 This form is used to allocate supervisors. Notification of Supervisors will normally take up to 4 weeks from the receipt of registration, you are asked to identify the code in which your topic fits based on the list of supervisor interests.

 Concise summary: around 300 words but no more than one A4 page of what you intend to investigate and your working title


















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