Social Struggles in Colonial America

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In the 17th  century, they created new worlds in American colonies after women and men moved into the territory as free farmers, servants, powerful planters, enslaved labourers, and religious refugees.  In the seventeenth century, colonial societies’ development led to the solidification of chattel slavery and race-based, which gradually demarcated the British Empire economy. At the same time, colonial settlements bred and advanced, developing into influential societies capable of sparring against Native Americans and subduing internal disruption. The papers seek to critically analyze the similarities between King Phillip’s War, Bacon’s Rebellion, and the Salem Witch Trials and how events signify a widespread crisis in British North America in the late seventeenth century.

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The British government fully supported Bacon’s Rebellion, King Philip war, and the Salem Witch Trials. King Philip war was the first crisis in new England involving Indians, caused by Massachusetts trying to proclaim authority over the Indians. The war was led by Wampanoag meta conm leader. Though the colonist won the war, the Philips war shaped a widening of sovereignty for white people by increasing their land access.

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