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Maid of Honor Speech

Good day, everyone! I’m thrilled that you all have come here tonight to fully enjoy this wonderful occasion with us. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Emily Born. I’m the Maid of Honor and the stunning bride and I are quite close. Lindsay and I have known one other since we were in Mrs. Bourque’s Kindergarten class and used to play T-ball together. You gather a lot of juicy secrets and hilariously humiliating tales when you’ve been close to someone for this long; however, I’ll spare you those stories since 1) it would take me days to tell them all and 2) I don’t want to humiliate Lindsay on what is meant to be one of her greatest days. But if you find me someplace else, the embarrassing stories are fair game. We’ve always said that God made us best friends because our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters, and I still believe that.

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Lindsay and I grew up playing softball together. During practice, our teacher asked who wanted to learn to throw and catch. Lindsay and I both raised our hands, myself as a pitcher and her as a catcher. Every year after that, I was the pitcher and she was my catcher. We grew up in Du Quoin, and Pinckneyville is about 15 to 20 minutes away. Then Lindsay moved to Pinckneyville and became a Panther. Gross. I was sad since I couldn’t see my best friend often enough. I was thrilled when I became sixteen and could drive alone, but much more so since I could visit Pinckneyville whenever I wanted. Given that she shared my birthday; she could visit whenever she wanted. She helped me when I became head ill. After my operation, she was always by my side. Whatever happened between us, she was always there for me.

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We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve always found our way back to one other. Who else would we share our secrets with if we were upset at one other for too long? Lindsay has been my sister for almost 15 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because I wasn’t there, I won’t mention much about how Lindsay and Donnie met. They met while we were seniors. They began off as friends and then went on a date. My friends and family know that I am a romantic who is constantly waiting for mystical evidence that someone is the one. I knew Donnie was the one for Lindsay on their first date.

I’m overjoyed to be honoring my best friend on her wedding day, so here’s to my best friend and her new best friend, may today be the beginning of many wonderful days ahead for you both, cheers!



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