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Project Summary Report

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From the table, the project meeting was estimated to cost $250 but what was utilized was $400 and the meeting was fully undertaken. The risk associated with the project meeting would be meeting the goals of the project since it is a success will fully depend on how the coordinate the undertakings and the sponsors […]

Reflective Practice

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Part A 1. Reflective practice is the process or ability to learn something new or gain something new from someone’s experience or work which helps to improve your work (Skills you need, 2020). 2. The underlying rationale for reflective practice is that gaining or obtaining the experience from the work of someone else alone does […]

Psychological Testing and Assessment

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The reliability coefficient of the internal consistency of 0.92 indicates a high level of internal reliability. This means that the tests which are based on the number of items to be evaluated and the constructs of internal reliability have higher chances of generating reliable results (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2017). The test score of 0.92 also […]


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The working environment of any business is essential when determining its position. When determining the position of Safaricom in the industry, this is the crucial area that had to be analyzed. Safaricom, as indicated in the case study, has a significant impact on the country’s investment. As a result, Safaricom has a degree of assurance, […]

Reflective Essay Sample

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Introduction¬† In my reflective essay, I will be using the Rolfe Reflective Framework for the development of my academic argument as well as introducing the counterarguments of my academics. The reflective key benefits of the Rolfe model are that it is related to clarity and simplicity. The tools of any reflective essay need to be […]

Essay on Organizational Culture

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Introduction Organizational culture refers to the set of shared values, beliefs and assumptions that make up the psychological environment of a business concern. Every business concern has its unique personality and culture (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2015). This invisible component has significant influencing power on the behaviour of the members of the specific business entity. The […]