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Question 1 In this question, the capital gains will be worked out using the CGT discount method. In this method, the profits made are reduced by half for the amount that has been gained (ATO 2017). Selling price Purchase price profits Vase 3000 2000 1000 Chair1000 3000                       -2000 Painting1000 9000 -8000 Sounsystme11000 12000 -1000 Shares 20000 5000 15000 Total 5000 50% * 5000= 2500 which is the net capital gain for the year if he were to pay CGT duty will be 2500 dollars.  http:..Readmore

Business Plan

We are welcoming couples to celebrate the wedding ceremony in our gorgeous and luxury venue in the Lake District national park. You will enjoy your wedding at a beautiful location with the touch of the most stunning lake views. What else is required, your plan and our customized wedding decoration s..Readmore

BUA5MGT Management Fundamentals

Introduction  Management theories may not be directly applicable to the business environments but it is seen that such theories can be used to draw inferences, which can be induced into the operational procedures of the organization. There has been a wide and diverse change in the theories that have..Readmore

BULAW5916 Taxation Law & Practice Assignment

Question 1  Explaining the meaning of Black Economy and Sharing Economy Black Economy The black economy can be defined as the section of a Nation’s economic activity which is a derivative from sources that are outside the purview of rules and regulation of a country with regards to trade and commerc..Readmore


1. Introduction The term cloud computing effectively defines and explains the overall practice of using specific networks of specific remote servers that are hosted over the internet to serve the purpose of storing, managing or processing data and information, rather than using local servers and per..Readmore

BHO 0202 Managing Organizational Design and Change

Executive Summary: The following assessment reflected on the case of New World Innovations and the issues encountered in response to the launch of a new product, HOSH2016.  The assessment is primarily dedicated to the presentation of the current, strategic, quality and operational performance issues..Readmore

The Impact Of The Recent Global Financial Crisis On MNE Financing

Abstract Gaining access to capital continues to be among the most significant barriers and issues for the evolution of growth and survival of multinational enterprises, mostly innovative ones.   The issue is very strongly impacted by the global economic and financial crisis as multinational enterpri..Readmore