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Chapter 1: Introduction  Aim The aim of the research is to conduct the consequence of Covid-19 on employee’s motivation and commitment.  Objectives To understand the  current situation of Covid-19  To interpret the concept of employee’s motivation and engagement To identify  how Covid-19 affects employee’s motivation and engagement  To understand how employees overcome the pandemic problem and  remain motivated

Module 2 Legislation Grid

Part 1: Legislation Grid Introduction Biosimilars are a type of biological therapy thought to work similarly to an original biologic treatment. The similarity allows the people using actual biologic agents to easily switch to cheaper biosimilar products with no complications. Biosimilar is a term th..Readmore


Introduction Learning could be considered as a continuous process and one needs to focus on learning from their past experiences. I focus on enhancing my knowledge and skills from past experiences. This essay mainly focuses on the connection between successful achievement and the development of know..Readmore

Preparation Stage of Successful Change

Preparation Stage of Successful Change Behaviour change involves the efforts a person puts in place to change their habits and attitudes. Behaviour change is challenging where a person may take action towards a set behaviour change goal and relapse to the old habits. However, a person may implement..Readmore

Self-Management Priorities 

 Self-Management Priorities  Self-management actions  Priority  Goal  Developing and maintaining a proper diet 2 The person is facing weight-related issues and the person is also facing biomedical risk factors. In order to help the person deal with the risk in an effective manner, it is important to..Readmore

Target priority population

The person belongs to the group of older Australians and it can be regarded as a target priority population.  Why the person may be identified as being a priority population The person is facing a number of issues and many Australians belonging to this population have chances to face such issues. It..Readmore

Nursing Assessment And Justification

Helping the person to understand the importance of proper diet and proper self-management process  In the case study, it has been stated that the person is not maintaining proper diets and is not paying adequate attention to medicine-related timing and other factors. By considering the beneficence-r..Readmore