International Business – Reflective Writing and Academic Research

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Reflective Writing and Academic Research

1. What is driving globalisation

  • Definition of globalisation based on research literature
  • Identification of the drivers of globalisation based on research literature

2. What is the impact of Globalisation on your professional and/or career direction? (to be an entrepreneur)

  • Description of professional/career direction
  • Examples of the impact of globalisation on identified professional/career direction based on research literature and/or contemporary events

International Business - Reflective Writing and Academic Research


What is driving globalisation

Globalization is the Integration of markets of different countries together which comprises the trade of views, specialized techniques, goods etc. According to Al-Rhoden, It cannot be considered as a single concept which can be encompassed within a time frame, and it cannot be explained as a process from a start to the end. It mainly consists of the transfer of different policies, knowledge, relations, discourses of power and cultural stability, which includes economic integration. It can be called as a global revolution, concept or a process. (Al-Rhoden, 2006)

Alan Nankervis, Yuki Miyamoto, Ruth Taylor and John Milton-Smith state that there are some strong and influential issues which drive globalization. Some of the important drivers are mentioned hereunder (Alan Nankervis, Yuki Miyamoto, Ruth Taylor and John Milton-Smith, 2005):

  • Technology: Technology plays a significant role in globalization. The advancements have made the subsidiary establishment facilitating and it provides convenience for interaction between the business alliances. It is difficult to understand whether globalization is driven by technological advancement or it drives it.
  • Cost: we may consider these as the drivers of the globalization-
  • Market: these market drivers can affect global process:
    • common customer needs
    • product awareness and reference
    • potential for parallel imports
    • global customers
    • global channels

Impact of Globalisation on your professional and/or career direction?

“Workers who are mentally, educationally, and socially prepared for a changing workplace will be able to reap benefits from global integration. The demand will be for workers who are creative and innovative, who have the basic skills and technological competence to succeed in a changing work environment. Instead of task-specific skills, these workers must have decision-making and problem-solving skills and be able to learn on their own and with others” (World Bank, 2003). Globalization provides a platform to millions of skilled businessmen to establish themselves in the international market through which they get an exposure to the goods and services from across the boundaries.

Examples of the effect of globalization

Newbury (2001) states that employees who are working in more inter-reliant offices where they are showing to shared customers from different countries are more likely to see the career opportunities and benefits from global amalgamation than do those in more locally entrenched offices. Even though change is tough for many workers, those who grip change are seeing benefits. For example, a marketing director for Bytemobile, a company of wireless-telecom, spends about 50 % of his time on business overseas, which could hamper his family life. However, he has made his choice to have his wife and son accompanying him. His family has “ridden elephants in Thailand, explored the Pyramids in Egypt, and hiked the Great Wall of China. ‘We’re enriching our lives with this incredible global experience’ says his wife Laura” (Gimbel and Springen 2003,).


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