Effect of Lockdown on Students’ Mental Health

Posted on June 14, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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The COVID-19 lockdown has affected every human being but the students are the ones who are most affected. They have to deal with school closure and the feeling of anxiety. Student life is a challenge and those who lack social support are vulnerable to isolation and burden, both at the same time.

According to psychologists, one in every four children is living with the psychological distress and symptoms of depression. Stress and boredom lead to their anxious mental state. They are worried about contracting the epidemic disease and falling ill due to virus infection. Eventually, their mental health condition gets worse due to the pressure of failing in the upcoming exams and thinking about their future.

There are many initiatives that can be taken to prevent negative mental health effects among students- both school and college students studying in different schools and universities in the UK.

Effect of Lockdown on Students’ Mental Health

Parents themselves are experiencing a lot of stress due to this pandemic and they are drifting from their own family members. There is a lack of physical and social interaction among parents that make them lonely and despair. Many families also lack dynamics and resources to provide for their daily needs when they are struggling at the times of this pandemic. But, parents need to control their stress and anger to take care of their children.

How will they help their children who are facing uncertainties, if they are not supportive and strong themselves? So, it’s imperative to take things on a positive note and help your children.

There are many challenges faced by children due to the lack of a proper structure during the quarantine. A daily structure is very important for a student for his emotional and psychological development. The student life is incomplete without consistency of rules and schedules. Children can grow up with a sense of safety and self-discipline. When they are at home, it is difficult to provide them with the same structure. Building a fundamental schedule for the students benefits them. There should be a proper and dedicated time for exercise, study, eating, sleep, co-curricular activities and memory games.

While the student is struggling with self-discipline, there is an opportunity for them to take the things at their own pace. It may be a positive thing. Before the students return to normal life, they can learn some enrichment activities. There are so many languages and musical instrument learning websites that will help them indulge in activities other than studies.

The wellbeing of the student is the priority of the family members, the community and the government. Some measures are adopted to streamline things:

  • All children must have access to the services of social care providers. The social caregivers are authorized to support the children from unprivileged class during the lockdown period.
  • It is the duty of schools and social services to monitor the wellbeing of students during this difficult period of lockdown. Distance learning must contain messages of personal hygiene, social distancing and keeping safe. This is required until the school reopen.
  • Persistent sadness in the student, sleeping disorders, any sudden change in behaviour or behaviour regression must be detected in early stages. This may be a looming mental health condition that may get worse without treatment. As the students are in the developmental stage, they need extra care.
  • Mental health concerns are an important part of student life, so, mental health professionals are doing vital work in this field to make things easy for college students. They are introducing enough initiatives to mitigate fail-pass system for now.

Social isolation and loneliness are major causes of mental disorders. While some situations will get better with passing time, some difficult and struggling phases need professional help. Clinical psychologists suggest that you can overcome this emotionally disturbing time during pandemic COVID-19 by linking to your loved ones through the internet. Students need to be strong and think this as a passing phase.

Be hopeful. You are not alone in this situation. Talk to your parents or teachers or any other person whom you trust the most when you have mood swings. Don’t stigmatize any other person who is suffering from this disease.


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