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Research refers to a systematic inquiry of a subject with the intention of creating new knowledge (Kasi 2009, p. 32). Research can also be aimed at revising existing information with reference to new facts. This essay covers a discussion on the role that research plays at a UK University and the various research tools that students can use.

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Research and the Role it plays at a UK University

Research is the fundamental process used for proving or disproving an idea or concept (Kasi 2009, p. 33). It is concerned with seeking answers to a question and then gathering relevant information for the same. The goal of the research is to uncover the truth, by conducting a detailed study to analyse a problem. Research begins with observation of a problem, thereafter background of the issue is investigated. Thereafter, appropriate methods and tools are employed for identifying the cause of the problem and then resolving it. Research is an essential aspect of academics and is commonly considered as the criteria for promotion. Therefore, it is an important skill for students in order to graduate from educational institutions.

Research, therefore, plays an important role at a UK University, by proving students with the opportunity to graduate by conducting a systematic inquiry of a topic of their choosing. According to Showman et al. (2013), research skills play an important role in this process, since it enables students to conduct proper research. This is because proper research is the qualifying criteria for promotion within the university. Research skills like creativity, judgment, organisation, communication, and persistence are crucial for gaining gathering the relevant knowledge for research. Students ought to hone such skills in order to be effective in conducting research. The authors have opined that these skills are essential for empowering students to transition from learning to applying existing knowledge for creating new ones or challenging prevailing ideas. 

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Some of the common research tools available to students include interviews, surveys, and archival research (Bradley 2013). 

  • The interview is conventionally conducted face to face, however, it can also be conducted over the phone or in video format, and is used for collecting in-depth information about a small group of people. 
  • The survey is typically used for collecting a large volume of data. This tool is one of the most cost and time-effective ways of collecting information.
  • Case Study enables students to focus on one or more individuals or organisations. 
  • Archival Research involves the study of archived documents and existing information. 

These tools are used for collecting relevant information for research. The gathered information is then analysed to prove or disprove a concept, produce new knowledge or revise existing information. 


Research skill is essential for students at a UK University in order to be promoted. Therefore, students are required to hone research skills in order to ensure the successful completion of the research. Some of the research tools that the students can use are interviews, surveys, and archival research.

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