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BHS0027: Strategic Management

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BHS0027: Strategic Management University of Huddersfield Individual Assignment (2017-18) Learning outcomes Illustrate the challenges faced by management when deciding on strategic direction Apply a range of strategic theoretical frameworks to a variety of organisations studied. Case Tactical scenarios: How do you defeat a major competitor? Your information HRMT20028 Organisational Change Management You are a medium […]

BMS0064 Professional Skills

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University of Huddersfield The Business School Assessment Handbook and Marking Guide 2017/18 BMS0064 Professional Skills Introduction During the course of the year, you will have engaged in a process of self-analysis in relation to your professional skills and should have made demonstrable progress in advancing specific skills competencies. We assess this learning and developments at […]

Management, Work and Society

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University of Huddersfield COURSEWORK 2017/18 Management, Work and Society. Module No: BHO0007 People, Management and Business. Module No: BHO0029 Management, Work and Society in Context. Module No: BHO0238 LEARNING OUTCOMES This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes: demonstrate an understanding of and explain key concepts taken from the syllabus. work effectively on an individual basis […]