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What kinds of incentives would you provide to motivate employees at tesla and why those particular incentives?

An incentive is a motivating factor that is intended to drive behavior and inspire people to generate high-quality work. Organizations like as Tesla have long tried to retain people without investing excessive money in incentives; yet, there are several other elements that impact an employee’s willingness to work for an organization. It is commonly known that Tesla workers work long hours and are underpaid in comparison to other tech businesses, but they are not exploited since they KNOW exactly what they are getting into before signing the dotted lines. Tesla is a demanding firm that is both a marathon and a boot camp. It does not strive to attract talent through free gifts or incentives; rather, it draws talent through its basic belief:

Team Ethics & Competetive Advantage


Tesla may emulate Microsoft’s incentive approach, in which the company provides free meals on campus with a broad choice of menu options for employees to pick from. If it were to adopt this incentive, Tesla’s meal costs are a fraction of what they pay their employees in compensation, and this method helps to maintain and encourage employees to be enthusiastic about their job, and employees prefer to remain around longer during the day and work as Elon Musk would like them to.

Incentive-Based Motivation

First, HR must be extremely explicit about the performance indicators that must be reached, as well as the specific amount of money that employees would earn if they meet their targets. And never, ever set a limit on the amount. If a person exceeds her targets, she should be compensated significantly more than those who barely meet theirs. This reward will motivate personnel to reach their targets and exceed the goals established by the marketing and technical departments.


Involve your staff in the team by soliciting their thoughts and expressing gratitude. While not everyone is driven in the same manner, praise and engagement are typically major motivators for an employee to constantly try her best to be trustworthy and productive.


13) should tesla attempt to diversify its customer base? What are the

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advantages/disadvantages of doing so?

Diversification at Tesla primarily refers to the Tesla Energy business — solar roofs and batteries — but this is only part of the tale. Tesla has demonstrated a strong desire to have the finest batteries on the market. Since it began making batteries, the firm has placed a strong emphasis on increasing production capacity, which has aided in the improvement of product efficiency.

What should you do if your cash cow product is losing demand, not because it is inferior to what the competition is giving, but because it is a recession and everyone’s products or services are no longer selling well? Tesla’s diversification extends well beyond extra goods and services, and is the outcome of a vertically integrated organization and product line that enables for swift changes in your product portfolio. 

The company can Identify more profitable clients to increase the profit margin.

Customers who are comparable to your high-value clientele should be targeted. While this may not diversify your clientele, it may likely broaden it. Hall suggests identifying your most clientele by examining each one’s contribution to profit, growth potential, and strategic fit, then looking for similar traits among your valued clients to convey a sense of the sort of prospects you should pursue.

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Tesla’s use of technological platforms to diversify its customer base has also provided them a significant competitive edge in the industry. The corporation adds cutting-edge software on its goods, which elevates it beyond its competition.

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