2nd Assessment of Managing Knowledge Group Report

Posted on September 9, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Digital and Social Media Marketing

Guide to the Group Report and marking criteria for 2 nd assessment Managing Knowledge

The 2 nd assessment for the managing knowledge module asks you to present a group report that analyses one or two data sets that have bene provided using the tools of social network analysis software (Pajek). You should imagine that this is a consultancy for a client who wants to know something new about a network that he/she did not know before.

The two datasets reflect knowledge transfer between different types of organisations in two emerging agricultural clusters in Peru (mango) and Colombia (Palm oil). A survey was undertaken of groups of both producers and service providers and the same question was asked in all cases:

“From whom do you get technical knowledge for the introduction of new technologies and new practices for production?”

Respondents were shown a list of other important local actors and also organisations outside the cluster and were invited to mention organisations not shown on the list. From this a table of knowledge transfer was generated where each edge represents a transfer of knowledge between one actor (node) and another.


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