325HSC Promoting Healthy Communities

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COU202A Mental Health and the Community

Health promotion approaches have developed dramatically over previous decades, with community-based and ecological approaches being more commonly utilised to improve the outcomes in public health, focusing on collaborative approaches instead of individually dedicated efforts. Possessing a critical awareness of the approaches, methods and techniques which are used across a variety of settings by different professionals By examining the relationships between theory, practice and real-world experiences, students will be able to critically analyse health promotion techniques, applying various concepts and models of health and health promotion, alongside learning from previous modules, to fully understand the contextual factors, policies and drivers that form health promotion practices within the community. This module will equip students with a critical awareness of the various approaches,
methods and techniques used within health promotion, applying them in a professional context to promote community participation, change and health improvement. It will also ensure students develop their professional knowledge necessary for future work and study within public health and community development areas, as well as integrating academic and professional skills (including transferable skills) which are necessary for the development within public health and community areas. Completion of this assignment will address the following learning outcomes: 2 Critically reflect on their role and contribution as a community and or health promotion practitioner.
3 Critically appraise various approaches and models of health promotion. Task: Peer-to-peer presentation on practice (with questions) – 10-15 minutes You are required to create an individual presentation on any organization within public health (this could be, but not limited to organizations from enrichment, or health promotion placement
experience sessions) You will give a (10-15 mins) presentation in a conference/fair style format. This will include a
critical appraisal as a practitioner within the community/health promotion field, as well as a critical appraise and application of approaches and models of health. After your presentation, you will be asked questions by your fellow students and your tutors to ascertain your understanding and application of health promotion models and approaches, so please be prepared to answer questions after your presentation. As this will be peer-to-peer,
please ensure you also prepare questions to ask others. You can choose the format in which you present, including (but not limited to), poster, video, presentation, models, a website. Please consult with your tutor if you would like to use an alternative format to check for the appropriateness. Guidance notes and considerations For this assignment, you are tasked with producing a peer-to-peer presentation in a conference/fair style format You are encouraged to choose an organisation that may be used for your CW2. In this assignment, you should ensure that you consider:
 Critical application of various theories and models relevant to community development in the context of your organization[LO3]  How this relates to your own professional development, using appropriate theory you have
learned within previous modules[LO2] Questions will be asked by your tutors and fellow peers, so please be prepared for questions after your presentation. Please ensure you practice and rehearse your presentation before the conference/fair to ensure you are confident and well-versed in what you are delivering to your peers and tutors. If needed, please utilise notes or crib cards to prompt the flow of your delivery, but do not solely rely on these

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