778N1 Research Methods (Management)

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SSC120 Dimensions of Health and Social Care

Coursework Assignment

Assignment Brief:

Write a 1,500 Word Essay (+/- 10%) outlining the steps involved in designing a research project relating to a key issue of your choice related to business and management.

You must address the following in your essay:

  1. What is the topic of your research? (suggested word length 50-100 words)
  2. Discuss how a critical literature review will demonstrate the importance of the research topic. (suggested word length 250-350 words)
  3. Decide on what research design you will use (exploratory, descriptive or explanatory) and provide justification for your decision. (suggested word length 250-350 words)
  4. Decide which method you will use (interviews, focus groups, experimental, survey or archival research). Provide justification for your decision and briefly describe your method (e.g., what questions will you ask your participants). (suggested word length 250-350 words)
  5. If you have chosen a qualitative approach, discuss how you will establish trustworthiness and relevance of your data. If you have chosen a quantitative approach, discuss how you will ensure that you obtain an appropriate sample and reliable and valid data. (suggested word length 250-350 words)

You must also include an introduction (suggested word length 100-150 words) and conclusion in your essay (suggested word length 100-150 words).

The essay title and bibliography are not included in the word count.

Marking Scheme: The standard PG assessment criteria will apply to this assessment.
Presentation and style 25%
Content and knowledge 50%
Independent critical thinking 25%
Total 100%

You may submit an outline draft with the key headings two-three bullet points under each heading in your Week 8 workshop. We will attempt to provide generic formative feedback in your Week 9 workshop.

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