7MK521 Market Analysis

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The final deadline date for submission is 23.59hours on November 24th, 2017

This coursework comprises 50% of the module grade and assesses the module learning outcome 1: Create an economic market analysis incorporating critical analysis, theoretical evaluation, and real data.  

Coursework 1 Outline

You have been asked by a client looking for potential business investment to create an economic market analysis of the UK alcohol market.  Using relevant economic theory and models, combined with real data evidence and analysis, you should create an economic market analysis of the alcohol market in the UK.  Your client requests that the analysis should include a discussion of the following issues (but not necessarily in this order): 

  • A market description such as geographic sectors, trade sectors and retail sectors, types of alcohol, and the regulatory environment.
  • An analysis of trends in sales quantities and prices over time using original data, not charts extracted from existing market reports.
  • An analysis of factors affecting demand and supply of alcohol in the UK, using data extracted from databases to explain market trends in quantities and prices.  Whilst you should cite and refer to analysis from existing news and market reports to support your analysis, your data charts should be created from data extracted from databases, not copied and pasted from existing market reports.  Where you use demand and supply theory, you should create your own demand and supply diagrams to illustrate your analysis.
  • An analysis of demand elasticity for alcohol and the implications of this on supply and/or retail pricing strategy.
  • A description of the UK supply chain from main producer to retail sector in one type of alcohol (e.g. spirits, wines, ciders, or beers).
  • An evidenced based analysis of structure, conduct and performance issues in the production of alcohol in the sector you have chosen for the supply chain description.
  • A discussion of the relevance of the findings for future returns for an investor in this sector and potential risk.
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