8 Tips for writing an official email

Posted on January 26, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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As the world is experiencing many changes, one of the most evident change is in the communication. The new generation is full of energy and is so busy with their day-to-day life that they look for such communication method where they use less words and more messages. To help them, Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media has evolved. These have become a part of our lives and so has the short forms of the words. Today’s generation barely know the full forms of many words. LOL, 2moro, BTW, OMG, ROFL etc. have taken the place of grammatically correct phrases and literature. Where these short-cuts are easily acceptable by the millenials in a normal life, when it comes to a professional writing, it is essential to have a good knowledge of literature and grammar to draft an official letter or email. So, it becomes essential that the emails reflect professionalism.

8 Tips for writing an official email

The requirement of an official email is not only in professional life. But even as a student, there are lot of times when we need to write emails which are professional. You might need to write an application to the University for your admission, or for your scholarship. Whenever you send an email to any higher authority, the language used in the email should be professional and to a good standard. This is your first impression, as the receiver, in most of the cases, does not know you.

Hence, if you find yourself looking for words to deliver your message accurately, here are few tips for you that will help you draft an email which will put an impact on the other side of the email.

So, how to write a business email? Here are tried and tested tips for you!

If you have been wondering how to write an official email, you have come to the right place. Below are some of the great tips to help you compose emails professionally.

Communication should be clear

In many instances, it has been found that students lose track of what they want to communicate while writing an email. You should be clear about what you are going to write to the recipient. If you are not sure about what to write or lose track while writing, you end up writing a messy email that does not make any sense.  Also, the purpose of the email needs to be clear. It should clearly say why you are writing the email. If you are not sure about the purpose, your email might not convey the proper message that it was supposed to. So, get your ideas clear before you start writing. A vague email would take you nowhere and would represent a clumsy image.

Subject should be relevant to your email

The subject is what makes a recipient open your email. So, missing the subject line would make your email meaningless and the purpose of the email cannot be served. Have you ever thought what a subject line is?  A Subject plays the function of a heading for your email. If your email does not have a subject, the recipient might not even take the pain of opening it. Thinking it to be an insignificant email, he might simply delete the email from his inbox. Hence, if you have a proper subject line, your reader would surely open and read it. However, the subject should be brief and to the point.

Attach a document only if it’s important

Do you know there are some people who hardly open an email if it does not have anything to say and has an attachment? People prefer to read out the emails instead of downloading and opening the attachment to see what is written in it. So, it is always prudent to write down the information in the body of the email instead of sending an attachment. In case, if it is a necessity, you should mention in the email that there is an attachment with the email so that the reader has a clear idea about the attachment and he does not miss having a look at it.

Be careful of your words and tone in your email

When you are writing a professional email, you should use formal language with correct grammar. Be extra careful of the tone that you are using in your email. You are not writing an email to your friends, so it should not be casual and friendly. Some people use short forms and local terms while writing business emails that might be detrimental. Be careful of your spellings, punctuation and refrain from using emoticons and smileys.

Clear introduction

When you get a professional email, you always look for the sender information. Hence, your identity is very important so that the reader should be able to identify you properly. Salutation is significant as people get to know the sender’s name, designation and address of the company through salutation.  If you don’t sign off with your name, the reader might not recognize your email and might send it to the spam folder. So, disclose your identity to the reader and make it easier for them to recognize you.

Are you conveying the right message?

Yes, this is very important and you need to think twice before sending the email to the reader. Before you hit the send button, go through your email till the time you are convinced you wrote a perfect email. To write a professional email, you should keep few things in mind. Firstly, do not become too much personal or share personal message with the reader. Remember, while writing a business email, your language should be formal and official. Although you are sending the email to only one person but there is no guarantee that it is going to be kept confidential. So, be generic and professional as much as possible. Sharing your personal details through a professional email is a complete no- no, as there can be chances of others checking that email too.

Don’t hesitate, take help

An official email is not always easy to write. If you are still a student or just stepped into professional world, you might not know how to write a professional email. Suppose, you would like to apply for a scholarship program and you are required to write an email to the higher authorities for granting the scholarship. In such a situation, you should write a crisp and brief professional email in order to impress the higher authority. If you don’t know how to write one, you should not hesitate. Instead, you should take help from any of your family members who is proficient in writing. You can also go to your school teacher and take help from him/her. Many sample emails are also available on the internet these days, so you can take help from Google or any other search engines. After taking help, it becomes easier for you to write a professional email yourself.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Now that you are done composing a professional email, don’t think your work is over. Before sending it remember to proofread the whole email. There might be spelling mistakes in your email that can be rectified once you proofread it. A grammatically incorrect email might bring disaster to your career. So, as suggested, always proofread your email before sending. With proofreading, you will be able to get rid of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

Additionally, when you are sending an email to someone higher than you (higher with respect to designation in hierarchy) you should address the person with full respect.

You might be feeling confident now, after going through the steps that you should follow while drafting a professional email. So, before you write an official email, try writing by using the tips mentioned above and see the difference yourself! You will be able to deliver an impressive, meaningful and impactful email. Are you still not feeling confident enough? If you are still doubtful, then don’t waste your time and take help from the experts now!

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