944N1 Business Strategy

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Please complete THREE of the following six questions.

1. Explain the key difference(s) between the various levels of strategy, focusing on the main focus of each, and the roles and people who practisestrategy at each of these levels.

2. Some people argue that the external business environment is too unpredictable to make useful strategic forecasts; outline a process for
macroenvironmental analysis that would eliminate much of the uncertainty.

3. Explain the resource-based view (RBV) of strategy, with regard for the way the approach explains competitive advantage and by reference to an appropriate framework(s) and any case company from the syllabus.

4. There are several different views on the purpose of a business; by reference to any view, explain how it links to organisational purpose and how it influences strategy formulation.
5. Explain the key difference(s) between business-level strategy and corporate-level strategy and the role played by corporate  headquarters in the latter. Discuss with regard to at least one strategic framework.
6. Define strategy and explain the main difference(s) between strategy and strategic management.

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