Assessment 1-Case Studies

Posted on December 31, 2021 by Cheapest Assignment

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MGT1101 Assessment 2 Part 1

Assessment task: Choose three news stories, and track how each of them developed since you first engaged with it until the end of the term (Sep-Dec); ask yourself how this story was treated editorially, what was its position on the news agenda, how was it treated across different mediums (whether print, broadcast, or online), if it was covered aggressively/sparsely if it generated any opinion pieces or traffic on social media (through your engagement with Twitter/Facebook, etc.), and how the main characters were described. Write a piece of 350 words stating your findings. It would be advisable to choose two stories that are comparable in terms of topic, so you may ultimately compare them for the second part of the assessment. To be submitted by week 10, via blackboard, as one single word document. It is highly advisable that you keep a news diary throughout the semester, to record and keep track of any stories that you could possibly use as case studies.  

Weighting: 50%  

Word count or equivalent: 350 words minimum for each case study 

Assessment criteria: 

This assessment must contain each of the following components: 

  1. How did the story begin and how did you first engage with the story (e.g. social media, online news, print or broadcast media)
  2. How are the main characters described in mainstream media (this could be online, print, or broadcast)? 
  3. What was the story’s position on the news agenda (was it a top story or was it on the back pages of the paper? Was it covered often or did it drop off the news agenda after several days?
  4. Did it generate any opinion pieces or traffic on social media? 

The stories I have chosen are:

  1. The 3-year-old Syrian refugee boy (Aylan Kurdi) was found dead on the Turkish coast.
  2. Paris attack on Friday 13th November 2015.
  3. The Russian plane crash in Egypt 

It is advisable to find two stories that are comparable in terms of topics, for example, two natural disasters; two plane crashes; two murder cases, so you may ultimately compare how they are covered in your final short essay. Please make sure each of your case studies has a title, for example, Case Study One: The trial of Amanda Knox.  

Through these case studies, you should be able to apply appropriate concepts and methods to the analysis and evaluation and drawing conclusions about news journalism; identify suitable sources of news; demonstrate knowledge and understanding of journalistic principles and practices; demonstrate your ability to write academically.

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