PUB20003 Public Relations Writing

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Unit 7.3 Strategic Resource Management

Assessment 3: Client writing project Word limit: 2300 (+/- 10%) Weighting: 45% (3×5%)
Due date: 9am AEDT Monday 1 February (Week 11)

Assessment overview

This assessment task has two parts: first, you are required to develop a brief for a writing project for a client. The second part known as part B, uses the brief from part A and requires you to develop at least three pieces of PR writing for the client.

Assessment details

Part A: Client brief

You will develop a brief for a writing project for a client of your choice. The brief sets out your interpretation of what the client wants you to achieve. This resource The Client Brief summary best practice guide ( has more information on how to write a client brief.

Writing the brief

The following components need to be included in Part A:

1. The brief will be approximately 800 words (+/- 10%).
2. You must express in one sentence what you have identified as the client’s communication need is.
3. Consider what forms of PR writing will best meet that need. Variety is expected however, if you choose to include three of the same resource (e.g. news releases) make sure you justify your choice.
4. Answering the questions below, you are required to explain how your recommendations of PR writing help to meet the client’s communication need.

Consider the following points when you are writing your brief:

• What does the client expect in terms of tone and writing style?
• What does the client expect in terms of visuals to support the writing?
• What desk research might I need to do to prepare for interviews?
• What protocols surround any interviews I might need to do?
• What outcome would delight the client?
• Who will I ask to check my work – facts/spelling/grammar – before it goes to the client?
• What might the client expect in terms of sighting and approving your work?
• How may the writing fit into and support other activities my client may be undertaking?
• How can I express my writing to link it to goals of a communications plan?

Part B: The project

On the basis of the brief, you will develop at least three pieces of writing for the client, taken from
the following list:
1. news release
2. feature article
3. brochure
4. fact sheet
5. speech
6. podcast script
7. website copy.

There is no set length for individual elements however Part B must be 1500 words (+/- 10%).

Submission details

The final submission of this assessment will be in a Word Document and adhere to Harvard-style referencing.

Assessment criteria

8. Overview/situational analysis of client’s opportunity or problem. Clear outline of client’s communication need and project’s objectives.
9. Justification of communication strategies and formats. Convincing, supported and measurable choices.
10. Original, focused and engaging writing that is suitable for communication objectives.
11. Well-structured writing that is logically ordered and suitable for formats selected.
12. Professional presentation, referencing, spelling and grammar.

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