Approach to Poverty and Inequality

Introduction  Poverty and inequality are two of the most dangerous social evils that hamper the living conditions of people in different parts of the globe. The essay fundamentally highlights these two concerns in the U.K. context and how these elements are linked to psychology and sociology. Over the years, the issues relating to poverty and inequality have got intensified which is affecting the economic health of the nation (Cribb, Keiller & Waters, 2018).    According to the report that w..Readmore

Change Management and Contingency

Change management and contingency approach are both important in the organization. Change management is a method through which companies implement changes, while the contingency approach is a management theory. This paper discusses the change management and contingency approach and the effects of cu..Readmore

Procedure And Resources Required To Identify The Plants

The procedures followed in the fieldwork process include a collection of samples, identifying them, pressing, mounting, drying, recording field notes and storage. Requirements for the identification process include a dissection kit, books with plant descriptions, microscope and relevant dichotomous..Readmore

Hotels Management Company International SAOG

Report of independent auditors to the shareholders of Hotels Management Company International SAOG  The shareholders of the company can be identified to be the shareholders of HMCI. The audit has been performed for the financial statements of HMCI for the period of 31 December 2020. In this process,..Readmore

Hospitality Sector

Issues in the hospitality sector Extended cash flow Excess operational cash flow Travel and mobility restrictions thus temporary shutdown of the hospitality industry Decreased demand in business Limited services by the restaurants with take home facilities only The decreased occupancy rate in hotels..Readmore

International Trade, Human Rights and Sustainable Development in Conflict Zone: A Study of Nagaland

Abstract: The aspects of development in the case of conflict zones are known to be associated with negative viewpoints. The examples of troublesome business environments in conflict-ridden regions such as Somalia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar provide a comprehensive outlook into the limitations over trade,..Readmore

Forrest vs ASIC (2014)

Introduction In terms of the determination of the contract of term binding, the Australian High Court's point of view can be considered quite formidable in Forrest v ASIC (2014). The High Court of Australia's viewpoint about the binding contract as well as the conclusion of this contract term as a d..Readmore