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Online Consumer Psychology (OCP)

The module requires you to write an essay of 3000 words, which will count as 60% of the final module mark.
Read your chosen question carefully – make sure that you understand it – and then be sure to address it directly and
critically in your answer, making use of relevant readings from the course handbook.

You should select your main readings from the key and further readings lists and build on these by drawing from other relevant sources. Plan your reading and preparation of the essay effectively to ensure that you have access to the material you need.

Essays should always refer to the appropriate theoretical topics covered in the course and should include media
examples where relevant and appropriate..

This should be of 3000 words and is worth 60% of your module mark. The deadline for this assignment is 10th May

Essay Questions 
You should select one essay title from the list of questions below: 

  1. What is the value of historical perspectives on the audience for understanding contemporary media practices?
    Critically discuss, making reference to relevant research.
  2. Compare and contrast psychological and sociological approaches to media effects and explain why both are now regarded as problematic.
  3. What challenges and opportunities do networked technologies present for children’s DIY media? Critically discuss, making reference to relevant research.
  4. In what ways do displaced audiences – or other marginalised communities or groups – demonstrate agency and
    creativity in and through the consumption of transnational television content? What are the structural constraints that they are contesting? Critically discuss, making reference to relevant research.
  5. Is it possible to ‘measure’ media audiences? Critically discuss using relevant research evidence.
  6. What is ‘playbour’? Provide examples from digital game play and culture and discuss how this theory challenges the conceptualization of digital game players as audiences.
  7. Is television a ‘lean-back’ or a ‘lean-in’ medium? Critically discuss with reference to research on television
  8. To what extent does the use of video editing techniques by fans challenge the traditional relationship between media consumers and producers? Discuss making reference to relevant research.
  9. Is 'the audience' an appropriate category for thinking about media consumers who are also internet users. Critically discuss, making reference to relevant research.
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