Assignment Briefing

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E-CRM Strategies and Product Consumption Sample


Summary Essay Part 2 

This is a 1,000 word discussion of the student’s own choosing

The work should demonstrate research and the use of theory in support of the discussion

Write an essay (approximately 1,000 words excluding tables, diagrams, references and bibliography) on one of the following topics:

A case study of how a company is addressing the issues of sustainable operations. You must comment on the effectiveness of their approach and highlight any inconsistencies. Please try to include relevant concepts and frameworks from what you have learned so that
you can provide constructive criticism as part of your case analysis.

An essay based on any one of the topics we have covered in the module. In your essay you should address the issues companies face in developing and implementing sustainability policies. Please try to refer to relevant academic concepts and frameworks to demonstrate the
ability to apply theory to understand practice.

A topic of your choice relating to sustainable operations management. If you wish to take this option, you must discuss your proposed topic with your tutor in advance to ensure that it is suitable.

Assignment Details


It can be in any form


Case study: Company Name (eg. Case study on Sustainability in Starbucks)

Lecture Title and Company Name (eg. Supply Chain Management of Tesco)


Can include these in essays

Defining terms, stating principles

One sentence or two will suffice

Three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic

Concentrate more on environmental impact

Example of one company or many

Does not matter as long as it supports your argument

Your argument needs to be supported with an Evidence

Critical analysis: you need to assess different arguments critically

Conclusion & Recommendation

References, how many? Your judgment

• Which type of source? Can use any as long as it is relevant. Better practice is to include academic references


Use appendix only if it adds to what you are saying Don’t just print from websites and use it as appendix Word Count: does it include tables?

• Essay should be approximately 1,000 words excluding tables, diagrams, references and bibliography

• Stick to the word limit. You will be penalised if significantly over length

How to get more critical analysis into your essays

Avoid unnecessary description – only include general background details and history when they add to your argument

Interpret your evidence – explain how and why your evidence supports your point

Examples: It is better to be more measured and tie your argument to precise examples or case studies

Use counter-arguments to your advantage – if you find viewpoints that go against your own argument, don’t ignore them. It strengthens an argument to include an opposing viewpoint and explain why it is not as convincing as your own line of reasoning

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