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ASS023 -3 Childhoods in a Global Context

Assignment Title: 3000 words e-commerce business report.

Assignment scenario

You are an e-commerce consultant who has been approached by an independent local music retailer who publishes and promotes music on behalf of local indie bands. They are a very small business and are known locally as “Top Tunes”. They are a small organisation whose primary business goals revolve around identifying good quality up and coming music artists, who they can then promote and publish their music. They currently have three bands (indie) for which they promote and sell music exclusively. Alongside their promotion activities they also sell Vinyl records to supplement their income and they publish and edit music on behalf of other bands.

However, they are struggling, they have a complicated pricing strategy and they have an unclear product offering, with no clear strategic approach. They have requested that you help them to modernise their online Business to make use of the e-commerce environment in a more effective and efficient manner. Top Tunes currently specialises in the following:

  • Eclectic Vinyl
  • Music editing
  • CD/Vinyl Cover Design
  • Online Music promotion
  • Online Music sales

Your Job is to help the company move its primary core business into the online environment. Therefore your number one objective is to help the organisation in developing a satisfactory business model, revenue model and pricing strategy. You will have to spend some time giving consideration to the best music selling platforms and the best methods of distribution. You will need to create a website so this is one channel which is essential for your e-commerce plan. Consider how the services can be packaged for efficiency and ease of use.

The current pricing strategy is based on a flat rate 20% fee on all music sold; this fee covers music promotion, music sales and cover design. There is no upfront charge; the 20% is only applied after a product has been sold, hence no upfront costs for the bands. Music editing as a service is also provided but this is an additional 10% surcharge on each item sold. Your Vinyl sales are sold at £12.99 per item. Top tunes is not sure if these pricing mechanisms are
valid and needs your guidance in creating a sustainable pricing strategy for the online environment. You will need to factor this into your report.

Assignment Task

Your job therefore is to develop an online business case of 3,000 words for the Top Tunes with a website output. Your assignment should have covered the following areas:

  1. Clear Understanding and explanation of the online music business environment illustrated by analysis through SWOT with a PEST or Porters five forces to highlight business areas of growth and efficiency. In addition to this you will need to justify your decision-making on the chosen Music selling platform(s). You will be expected to critically compare and contrast multiple platforms and define the best one(s) for the business.
  2. Clear analysis of expected e-business improvements to the business. Focus on profitability and efficiency based on business model generation. As part of this you will need to develop a pricing strategy and revenue model underpinned by a clear Business model. Use the Business model Canvas to help you define your ideas in this section.
  3. Construct a fully functioning WordPress site. The site should be clear, crisp and easy to use. Your site should contain at least 7 pages of your choosing and should encompass in detail all the aspects discussed in your report.
  4. Critically analyse and discuss how you will take payment for products sold through the website. In addition to this you will need to define the advantages and risks involved in undertaking the changes for the business, with particular attention to security issues.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge, Understanding and ability outcomes

On completion of the module the student will:

4. Critically assess the e-business environment that will contribute to the success of electronic commerce implementation.

6. Understand, analyse and implement current business modelling techniques within a online context.

7. Demonstrate efficient implementation and effective improvement mechanisms that allow online business growth through the use of e-commerce and associated technologies.

8. Explore current technological innovation and advise on its implementation within an e-commerce environment

9. Practice implementing e-commerce solutions through the use of web based software technology

Extra Note

To pass students should show an ability to analyse a business using the strategic models available for that purpose. They should be able to identify potential improvements to the business and show understanding of how E-Commerce and E-Business can be used to assist in these improvements. The report should be properly referenced.

To obtain a high mark the student should use the models in an incisive way to highlight the key features of the business and to draw out ways of improving competitiveness or effectiveness. The results of this will be analysed to see how E-Commerce can act as a means to attain these improvements, taking into account risks. The analysis will be related to the processes of the business as a whole and will be academically supported and well referenced.

This assignment report will be submitted via TurnitinUK. Your website will need to be submitted via the SBUS Assessment folder. In addition please remember to stay within the 3000 word limit, your line spacing should be 1.5 and you should use the Arial Font. Any assignments that go over this limit will be penalised.

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