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Equity and Trusts Coursework Question (Opinion)

(1) Group Presentation presented each week, five minutes each using Powerpoint to be submitted by January. Marks will be awarded to each individual. The assessment questions are taken from the “For Discussion and Revision” sections at the end of each chapter of Syed and Kramer’s 2 nd  edition edited book Human Resource Management: A Global and Critical Perspective.
Assessment criteria for group presentations:
1. Clear structure including introduction and summary, clear argument linked to an interesting title and research questions, critique course concepts.
2. Range and appropriateness of materials used, contemporary materials.
3. Evidence of researching the topic including key recognised authors, facts, figures.
4. Use of evidence to support your arguments. This can include your own experiences, CIPD reports, company annual reports, The Economist, The Financial Times, guest speakers.
5. Engagement and involvement of the audience. Make it fun!
6. Did you interact with your audience verbally? Eye contact? Ask questions?
7. Use of examples from organisations with facts and figures, topical issues.
8. Appropriate academic journal article citations.
9. Quality of visual aids – have you included annotated theoretical models, diagrams, interesting graphics?
10. Delivery – pace, tone, body language, volume, keeping within the time limits.
11. Ability to provide supportive argument when questioned or challenged.

(2) Individual Essay, words
Due: January

(1) What is the role of an HR practitioner within an international context? Provide organisational examples to support your arguments.

(2) How can cultural and institutional factors influence the adoption of HRM in SMEs? Critically discuss based on relevant theories and organisational examples.

(3) ‘It is important that any HRM system in an emerging market should be context based.’ Critically analyse this statement and provide organisational examples to support your arguments.

(4) How does HRM in developing country SMEs differ from HRM in SMEs in more developed economies? Critically discuss based on relevant theories and organisational examples.

(5) How can cultural diversity in MNCs be improved? Critically discuss in the light of relevant theories and organisational examples.

·   Do not exceed 2,500 words in total (excluding references) for the individual essay.

·   For both assessments you are advised to incorporate high quality academic literature into your answer about international HRM. You should include a strong element of critical analysis and evaluation of the academic literature which should cover a range of theoretical frameworks and practical contributions with organisational examples to support your arguments.

One copy of the Powerpoint slides for each group and the assignment and must be submitted electronically via Turnitin BEFORE on January. Marks and feedback will be available on or around January

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