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Posted on October 5, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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According to the REN21 Renewables 2016 Global Status Report,

“As of year-end 2015, at least 173 countries had renewable energy targets, and an estimated 146 countries had renewable energy support policies, at the national or state/provincial level. Several jurisdictions raised the ambition of their targets and strengthened their policies, although many weakened their support for renewables”.

Identify one country which continues to strongly support renewable energy and another country which has reduced or scaled back on its support.

Outline the legal frameworks which have enabled the support of RE in the countries of your choice. In your view, have these two countries demonstrated ambition to transition to low carbon economies.

Word Limit: 3,000 words

Please note:

  • All essays must be typewritten, fully referenced and include a bibliography and must follow the RGU academic guidelines i.e. adhere to the word limit, have a clear structure and should be professionally presented.
  • Essays must be free of plagiarism or borrowing from other academic sources and be the student’s own work.
  • Although the word limit is 3,000 words, word counts +/- 10% of this amount are acceptable. The word count, exclusive of cover page, abstract, bibliography, references, and appendices must appear on the title page.
  • The referencing (footnotes and publications) should follow the OSCOLA format, be consistent and neatly  presented.
  • The coursework should be submitted via the Dropbox on the 4 th Floor ABS


“Plagiarism is the practice of presenting the thoughts, writings or other output of another or others as original, without acknowledgement of their source(s). All material used to support a piece of work, whether a printed publication or from electronic media, should be appropriately identified and referenced and should not normally be copied directly unless as an acknowledged quote. Text translated into the words of the individual student should in  all cases acknowledge the source.”

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