Right from the beginning of the semester, I could observe that my writing skills could be rated as average as I have a good sense of making use of good English in my writing. I had a clear understanding of the fact that no matter how good I might be in other academic fields, having a proper and structured English writing skills is a mandatory aspect for me in any future endeavor.  At the beginning of my semester, I was able to present my writing with a more expressive tone.  Presenting current a..Readmore


Introduction Different factors determine the health of human beings. Genetics is one of these determinates consisting of age, sex or family history of the disease (Lewis, 2016). It strongly affects the particular human population and creates diseases such as sickle cell disease. Another determinant..Readmore

Reflective Essay On Learnings From Coursework

Introduction Study skills are referred to as the various approaches or strategies that can be applied in the learning process. These are the array of various skills that can handle the different procedures of organizing as well as acquiring any information, retaining any important information, or ta..Readmore

Does the military meet society needs, or does it perpetuate gender inequality?

Rape In the Military Does the military meet society's needs, or does it perpetuate gender inequality? The military has been a male-dominated institution since its inception. The 18th and 19th centuries saw women being used in the service of armies, but only as camp followers. Women have served as nu..Readmore