CL404 Anatomy and Physiology Sample

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CL404 Anatomy and Physiology Sample


An e-portfolio is a collection of digitized artefacts used to present learning outcomes. It is a learning guide in itself. Students can use an e-portfolio to provide deliverables to show their skills and achievements, thoughts, discussions, and teacher ratings. It demonstrates students’ knowledge, skills, and processes, and provides insights into the challenges and obstacles they face through introspection. e-Portfolio was implemented in the anatomy and physiology courses selected in the school curriculum.  Students were instructed to create an e-portfolio by using one of the Via LiveText software. The students were deeply motivated to choose the subjects that they found difficult, rather than limiting their achievements to the right dissertation. In the three anatomy and physiology courses included in the first implementation, some students completed their e-portfolio. Although few students enrolled in pathophysiology applied the concepts of anatomy and physiology to understand pathophysiology in multiple path physiology, based on the first showcase of anatomy and physiology.

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For many long times, extensive progress has been made in interpreting the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and genetics of asthma. Asthma has enhanced in predominance worldwide over the past few years. The international guidelines for asthma have been in existence for over a few years and therapies justifying competency are present, till now it could be difficult for many patients to control asthma (Valverde-Molinaet al.,2018).  The disease of asthma indicatively affects the healthcare systems and the peculiarity of the patient’s life and the patient’s family.  Professionals in the healthcare industry who come into contact with patients who are suffering from asthma must have a brief knowledge of the asthma disease. Asthma is a continuing inflammatory disorder of the airways where an important role is taken by many cellular elements or many cells (Watson et al.,2018).

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Uses of Anatomy Anaesthetic or Surgery

Surgery is a procedure that is performed with the motive of identically alternating the body of human beings by the destruction of tissues. Surgery could be completed by the use of many kinds of instruments to transport live human tissue.

Anaesthetic is a kind of drug agent which is performed to produce a loss of feelings completely or partially. Three types of anaesthetics have performed these are local anaesthetic, regional anaesthetic, and general anaesthetics. The type of anaesthetic was completely dependent on the type of surgery. A regional anaesthetic is also known as a nerve block. A local anesthetise is injected into the immediate area to operate the condition. The general anaesthetic was the most useful and qualified anesthetise. After performing the general anesthetise the client becomes unconscious a few seconds later.

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It could help to monitor and constantly control the role of sleeping time of the patient and monitor the pulse, blood pressure, and breathing of the patient. It’s compulsory to administer intravenous fluids to the anaesthetist, after surgery, and during the surgery (Adner et al. 2020).  The regional anaesthetic was performed to block pain in the larger part of the human body.  The patient should be conscious during the procedure of the regional anaesthetic. Anaesthetic was administered depending on the way of the procedure and the type of anaesthesia needed. The providing way of anaesthesia may be inhaled gas by the tube, uses of injection and shots or intravenously and topical liquid which is specially applied to skin or eye spray (Nastoulis et al., 2019). Make sure the healthcare provider that they must have the current list of medications and supplements. Few certain drugs have taken an important role in the anaesthetic to cause bleeding and raise the risk of complications. For the patient, some mandatory rules are made for their safety. Before going for anaesthetic or surgery patients should avoid drinks and food for eight hours before they enter. Smoking is a crucial part if the patient wants to improve heart and lung health. It’s most suitable if the patient quits smoking before two weeks. At the time of anaesthetic or surgery, it’s also important to stop taking any kind of herbal supplements before one or two weeks of the procedure as directed by the provider. At least before 24 hours no need to take Viagra or any other medications for erectile dysfunction.  Most anaesthesia or surgery have many types of temporary side effects within 24 hours of the procedure completion (FitzGerald et al., 2019).

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Asthma is an airway-based disease, and its important characteristic is inflammation joined with airway hyper-responsiveness, cough chest tightness, etc. As for the development of diseases, genetic factors and environmental influences are implicated most. Uses of aesthetics or surgery the disease might be controlled and for that, the whole anatomy of the aesthetic or surgery is discussed briefly. Uses of this anatomy of aesthetics or surgery provide the solution to fight the disease for the patient the healthcare.

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